“Activism” Twitter List

“Activism” Twitter List, by Olivia Lovag, on Listorious

Please check my list for twitter updates on human rights, NGO’s, animal rights, women’s rights, LGBT, climate change, ecology and green activism, aid/relief work, conflict areas (palestine, for instance), education, human traffic, sex traffic, slavery, pedophilia, child abuse, sanitization, food safety, poverty, female genital mutilation, neglected tropical diseases, africa, racism, abortion discussion, feminism, minorities.

The listed twitters are (mostly) non-profit and not affiliated to any religion. As a rule, I try to keep out entities that use twitter as a tool to collect donations. The reason behind that: I created the list with the purpose of debate and information (translating: this is NOT a charity list. Naturally, I have nothing against charity! 😉 I actually vehemently encourage people to donate whenever they can. There are some great twitter charity lists running on twitter, too.)

I try to keep the list non-partisan, but I must be honest here and confess that’s a very, very hard task, so, yes, you will find a few partisan twitters on the list.

You can suggest a user to my list via the Listorious form by clicking the link on top of the post. Make sure the user you are suggesting fits the criteria I mentioned above.You can follow the list directly by  clicking here @plasticmadness/activism

I think  It’s all coming out great, so please make sure you check it out and follow it if it pleases you! 🙂

Thank you,


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