“Mensalão do DEM” – Update on last week’s happenings.

Brasilia’s Federal Disctrict (aka GDF) Governor, José Roberto Arruda, not only remains in jail but had his impeachment process approved by the end of last week. If his impeachment comes to pass, he should lose all and every one of his political rights for the next 8 years, meaning he couldn’t run for anything on any election for 8 years. Yet, once the impeachment process is approved, the subject has until 30 days to resign to his post before the impeachment takes place. In that case, the corrupt subject would not lose his legal political rights, and would still be able to run for whatever post he wills in the next election. That’s rather a legal lunar crater than a legal loophole.

Congressman involved in the scandal slowly started to grow some shame in their faces. Congressman Leonardo Prudente (no party, former DEM), has resigned by the end of last week. Congressman César Brunelli (PSC) should resign soon, as should the lady representative Eurides Brito (PMDB).

All of the people cited above appeared in a series of videos showing them receiving bribery money that came out in January 2010.

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