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Today in Brazil:

  • The soon-not-so-governor of the Federal District in Brasilia, José Roberto Arruda, remais in jail. That’s the record time a politician has spent behind bars in this land called Brazil, beating the infamous Mr Paulo Maluf. Mr. Arruda tried to call in (or out, in this case) sick in order to be released from jail, but the doctor who inspectioned on him said Arruda’s health was in perfect condition.
  • Brazil is not going to give in on it’s decision of increasing the taxation over aproximately 100 products that it imports from the United States. The measure is a retaliation against US subsides that jeopardize Brazilian main exports. The US says it wants to negotiate. I don’t see this going anywhere good, but I understand both sides.
  • President Lula spoke in favor of the Castros while in Cuba, agreeing with the regimen’s policy of keeping political prisoners – Lula, who has been himself a political prisoner. I’m sick and tired of his incongruencies. That means he’s against people like the brave @yoanisanchez, who tweets from Cuba via SMS with the help of some good souls out there. Frankly, Mr Lula. 
  • This week’s issue of national circulation “Veja” magazine brings new denounces involving banks and PT, Lula’s party, in yet another corruption scheme. Parties involved deny everything, will file a lawsuit against Veja etc etc etc same old same old.

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