Music: Goldfrapp’s New Album – Head First

Two days ago Goldfrapp released their new album, titled “Head First”. It has nine tracks. It’s very synth-poppy, 80’s and cheesy cheery. As you listen, what first comes to mind is fake blonde perms, colored leggings and lavish stamped tops with huge shoulder pads. First track, “Rocket”, is so strongly based on synthesizers that immediately it reminded me of Van Halen’s “Jump”.  Same thing for “Believer”“Voicething” closes the album with almost 5 minutes of voice sample loops on a synth background.  Alison’s voice is great, as usual.

  • Favorite track: “Alive” – it’s deliciously sticky, dance and radio-friendly.
  • Official Site:
  • Listen & buy: you can hear music samples and buy it via the official site, and here.
  • Official release date: March 22nd, 2010.

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