Projeto Ficha Limpa

 Brazilian Congress has conveniently postponed the voting and implementation of  “Projeto Ficha Limpa” – or, in english, “Project Clean Record”. It’s a new law that bans politicians with a criminal record from a new candidacy. The governist base and allies are the only ones to blame for the *shameless* filibuster (PT & PMDB). Meanwhile, PSDB, PPS, PV, PSOL e PHS are working pro-bill. The law is largely supported by brazilian people. Nearly 2 million people had already undersigned it before it got to congress.  There is an ongoing effort from the governist base to change the text in order to create a legal loophole that would allow politicians with a dirty record to participate in the elections.

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-Here are a few Brazilian Twitter politicians worth following: @alvarodias_  @silva_marina  @deputadamanuela  @lucianagenro  @Serys  @BetoAlbuquerque  @deputadofederal  @gabeiracombr  @mercadante

  • What a great law. Though as shameless as the opposition to it is, I'm not surprised. Hell, we can't even pass decent campaign finance laws up here let alone something like this.

  • I'm not surprised, too. But in this particular case a filibuster only comes to reinforce the notion that politicians are corrupt and have something to hide indeed. If the law was approved as it is now, text unchanged, many of the current congressmen would have to say goodbye to their seat in the plenary. A negative side of this law is that it can be mis-used for political advantage. One could fabricate a motive for a lawsuit (say libel & slander, for instance), just in order to keep the defendant from running in the next elections – that is, the new law could backfire.
    That's why I think the parameters should be narrowed as to what kind of offense should be considered. But that's just how the governists are trying to create a loophole by making the law too lax… then we're back to zero. o.O

  • Huh-oh. I just made a comment longer than my post. LoL. #fail

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