Update: “Projeto Ficha Limpa”

The law which I mentioned in my April 14th post, Projeto Ficha Limpa – Preject Clean Record, has been approved by the Brazilian congress last Tuesday, May the 4th, in a historical session when nearly the entire House voted “yes”. Now there are 12 amendments to the law that have yet to be voted: the voting started on Thursday, May the 6th, and two amendments that essencially distorted the original text got a vehement no from the congress. The small number of representatives trying to distort the law didn’t make it, but at least managed to postpone the voting of the 10 missing amendments to next Tuesday, May the 11th.

You can follow the voting of Project Clean Record via live TV and web broadcast through TV Camara’s official channel.
Link to the live webcast.

Most representatives have a twitter account, twitting and replying to the people during the sessions. I have put together a list of brazilian politicians that has come very handy for that purpose: @plasticmadness/brazilianpoliticians

  • I would so love to see a law like this implemented here. Kudos to Brazil for doing this!

  • Sometimes I can't believe this myself. A massive “yes” from all the house seems too good to be true. But it did happen. I'm still trying to understand all this. It seems the representatives got tired of being labeled as corrupt by default, and went after something which, at first, will harm many of them, but in time it will help to clean up the house. I'm as excited about it as I am surprised. 🙂

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