Quick Note – Paul McCartney to Play in Brazil

I’m aware this is not really blog material (at least yet), but I cannot contain my silly fan excitement: Sir Paul McCartney is finally coming to play in Brazil again, this time with the “Up and Coming”  2010 tour. He will be playing in November 21st and 22nd in São Paulo, at Morumbi stadium; and on November the 7th in Porto Alegre (which happens to be where I live, hence my overexcitement!), at Beira-Rio stadium. The tickets for the Porto Alegre show will be for sale starting next week. No word on the ticket price yet, but honestly that’s the most unimportant detail.  I am more worried about the exact date and place of ticket sales.

Follows a link to Rolling Stone magazine relating the great news:

Paul McCartney Show in Brazil is Finally Confirmed.

I promise I will (try) to come up with a decent show review not permeated by silly fandomness!

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