Dona Zefinha – Comida Nordestina

Dona Zefinha specializes in northeastern Brazilian cuisine. The menu is extensive and has many traditional dishes from that area. The service was quite good.

Many of the dishes are for 2, and we got the Caramão Tropical Refeição: shrimp and rice served in pineapple halves with a rich cream sauce. One pineapple half held the shrimp and the other the rice. The sauce was divine. We stuffed ourselves happily, and then had tapioca de coco e doce de leite: tapioca (also common in the northeast) with coconut and dulce de leite.

I can’t wait to go back!

Dinner at Dona Zefinha

Address: Rua Lima e Silva, 776, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Phone: +55 51 3072-5557
Hours: Monday to Saturday – 5am to 1am

  • We are vegetarian and northeastern food is definetely not vegetarian friendly, pretty much all dishes are meat – which does not mean they’re not yummy!! 😉 But if you’re willing to break you’re vegetarian diet and adventure on something new, this is the place. They have plenty of fish, shrimp and seafood dishes too. A must eat is a traditional Bahia food that has no meat, it’s made with black beans flour and deep fried, called Acarajé (texture is like that of a falafel), which comes with several spicy sauces to dip. Yummy yummu food. 

  • Just left my own review on TripAdvisor too. 🙂

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