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-No, I didn’t make it to the Bob Dylan concert 🙁 – but he’s played here before and I’m sure I’ll get the chance again.

-A few days back we watched “The Thaw”, a sci-fi B movie starring Val Kilmer. A climate scientist tries to warn the world about the perils of global warming by reintroducing dormant, deadly parasite back in the world. I have seen many bad movies in my life, but I have never ever seen a former great cinema star decline so vertiginously like Kilmer did. He seems to star exclusively in very bad B films (worse than average). How does one go from playing Jim Morrison and Batman in the movies to TV only, 90 minute bottom-of-the-gutter badly scripted films? Decadence sans elegance!

-Here’s the first 30 minutes of “Rabid” (1977) by David Cronenberg: a young woman suffers a terrible moto accident.  A person watching with binoculars from the roof of a plastic surgery clinic nearby witnesses the accident, and, instead of calling 911, she shouts out loud to the plastic surgeons inside, who promptly get in the clinic’s green ambulance and rush to the accident site in order to help the woman. Arriving there, they determine that the woman has massive internal bleeding, but her blood pressure is “stable”, and they are able to perform a series of plastic procedures that ultimately heal the woman, even though “her body remains in shock” after the procedure, as we are told by Dr. Keloid, the clinic’s owner (yes, he is a plastic surgeon and he’s called “Keloid”). In order to better access the woman’s health, Dr Keloid has the patient “removed to town in order to get an ECG.” And so it goes… Honestly, how did someone approve that to be ever written at all? Stay away from this one, unless it’s for the giggles, and don’t let yourself get fooled by it’s 6.2 rating on IMDB. This movie is a steady 3.0.

“The Midnight Meat Train” (2008) with Bradley Cooper was a very good surprise. The right measure of extreme gore and spookiness, good actors that don’t take themselves too seriously and know they’re doing a terror film.

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