Impeachment’s full throttle

All of my expectations towards Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment process are being fulfilled.
Politicians are oportunistic since well, always, as they are politicians.
This impeachment process is absolutely NOT a “coup d’état” as Dilma Rousseff and co. have been blowing to the world media. That is a big shameless lie.
I always saw the impeachment as the perfect oportunity to lawfully remove from power, because of it’s proven administrative and fiscal crimes, a populist communist revolutionary government that was slowly transforming Brazil into the next Venezuela. I am glad that our politicians learned how to use such opportunity as they saw it, otherwise we’d be stuck with PT forever, love it or hate it.

But that’s not all.

I’m not naïve, none of the politicians up there speak for me, 2/3 of them are drowning in corruption scandals all involving PT anyway, including the high staff of the new government.
My greatest expection regarding the impeachment process has always been: if it happens, everyone else will fall too. All the other corrupt politicians will come down one by one.
And that’s what’s happening. Every day a new phone bug, a new evidence compromising the main political leaders of Brazil come up.
That’s what I wanted.
In this real life house of cards, we not only get rid of the authoritarian populist PT left, but the whole kingdom is coming down.
Let it be.

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