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This blog is maintained and mostly written by Olivia Lovag and her husband Cary Collett. 
Guest contributors may be seen and are welcome. Guests’ opinions are their own and not mine or my husband’s, and they are respond for what they say – neither me nor my husband. This space is for freedom of speech, which we do not have in my country, Brazil.

Olivia Lovag

I’m a lady physician, 36, living in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
I graduated in 2005 at

I used to work as a family physician. I’m currently working in private care as a general practitioner as well as an emergency doctor at one of the E.R.’s in town. I plan on another medical residence in the future.

I previously studied Chemistry, but I quit to enter med school.

You can expect me to write about pretty much anything, since this is a *personal*, non-medical blog. Also, you will notice I don’t write very often.

What else about me? Well, I ued to be an assiduous twitter, I listen to a lot of music, and I love to compulsively take photos of everything – but mostly of my cats – and upload them to Flickr. I LOVE cats, by the way. I love social media. I started with social media during the 2.0 “boom”, or whatever you wanna call it, and long before it went “viral” – and long before the expression “viral” went viral.

I am an agnostic atheist, I am am politically RIGHT WING oriented, which will make you have different opinion about me if you are either from the US, Europe, Asia OR South America (NO, surprisingly for you, leftism and right-ism are NOT all the same thing all over the world, go study history!!) Economically, I am an outspoken liberal. Morally, I am… the absolute opposite of conservative. I support gay marriage, abortion, gun regulation*, indigenous peoples rights, and other things that would only make sense to you if you are intelligent and open minded enough to understand the 50 shade of gray (yeah sorry bad pun) of right and left wing across several nations in the world. So, call it arrogance if you will, I won’t bother getting into further details. 

I LOVE Radiohead. I follow the band since I was a teen and they were starting their career, and I dare to say the feel like my famly. Jazz, Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, U2, and so it goes. I’m a complete a goof. I am in general a quiet person and when I’m mad I swear a lot. Like.Really.Cover.Your.Ears.And.Take.The.Kids.Of.The.Room.Kinda.Swear 

I am affiliated to Partido Novo, a liberal right wing Brazilian Political Party. So yes, my views are partial, I am not politically neutral and will not pretend to be, but one of my greatest qualities is never forgetting to appeal to reason (that is, no extremism). 

I hate PT and systematically oppose them (the situation, that is, the political party of former president Lula and current Dilma Rousseff). I know hate is an extreme and desperate word. But PT is extreme and desperate, and I cannot send them roses, sorry. 

Oh did I mention I love cats?


My presence here, as well as on any other social media site, is not related to my work as a medical doctor.

My posts are not medical advice, my comments are not medical advice, the images and links that I post are not medical advice either.

You are srtictl forbidden to ask me any personal or general medical question: I will not answer, because I don’t want to, and because I can’t, due to ethical and legal implications.

I am not affiliated with any pharmaceutical company or healthcare related company/lobby.

I am not affiliated with any governmental agency, I do not work for the government. I once did. I quit because it hurt my principles of small government and my anti-corruption speech.

I don’t have any relation with the tobacco industry.

This site is independent and maintained by myself and my husband only, from our own pockets, without any sponsors. 



Cary Collett

Cary Collett grew up on a dairy farm in northeastern Ohio, was educated as an astrophysicist and now works in IT. His hobbies have included hiking, reading, caving, cooking, fencing, aikido, amateur astronomy, writing, role-playing gaming, scuba diving, sailing and languages. His politics definitely lean to the left, but he is not an ideologue. He tweets as @qaphsiel and lives in Columbus, OH with a dog named Ysabel and a cat named Azalais. All three are atheistically agnostic.


Saroj K

Saroj was pre-med in college, and has graduate degrees in biology and public health, along with years of biological and medical research experience. She is entertaining the idea of entering a career in medicine, but is currently exploring the options available in the field of health care. When she’s not working, she enjoys writing fiction, dancing, singing, cooking (anything), eating (anything), exploring her favorite city (New York) and cheering her Yankees and Giants on.

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