The Emperor’s New Socks

Me and my sister got a pair of TriFil’s Sapatilha Invisivel (Invisible Socks), meant to be worn with heels and other open shoes that require minimal or no socks at all. But there’s a catch: only extremely intelligent people are capable of not seeing the socks. For anyone with low intellect they appear like plain cafe-au-lait socks. Because I think I’m pretty smart I really tried to tell myself that I couldn’t see anything. Until a kid (my younger sister) said “Hey, this is not invisible at all”…


See how the product appears in the package, and then what it really looks like when you wear it: false propaganda!

Activism Twitter List by Olivia Lovag on Listorious

Please check my list for updates on human rights, NGO’s, animal rights, women’s rights, LGBT, climate change, ecology and green activism, aid work and conflicts, education, human traffic, sex traffic, slavery, pedophilia, child abuse and non-profit organisations.
All are non-profit and mostly non-religious entities. I try to leave out entities that use twitter to ask for donations because I want the list to be mostly informative (that is, this is not a “charity” list). I tried to keep the list non-partisan, but that’s a hard task, so, yes, there are quite a few (very) partisan twitters on the list.
But It’s coming out great, please make sure you check it and follow! 🙂

Thank you very much,


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