Fighting Aedes Sp – Part 1- Anti-Mosquito lotions

To anyone coming to Brazil, and to brazilians, a few tips will follow about how to avoid Dengue Fever, Chikungunya and Zika virus.

This is official info about the anti-mosquito lotions available in brazilian supermarkets (source – SIMERS, Secretaria da Saúde, It's n portuguese but nothing Google Translate can't handle.



O PT e a Farsa do Mais Médicos

Médica cubana abandona o programa Mais Médicos e busca asilo político sab as asas da oposição, alegando que o acordo Brasil-Cuba é uma farsa orquestrada pelo Governo Dilma e pela ditadura Castrista, que a OPAS não está e em momento algum esteve envolvida neste acordo, e que este foi arranjado entre o Brasil e uma empresa terceirizada cubana que vende serviços médicos. O valor do salário cubano divulgado pelo governo Dilma também é uma mentira: ao contrário do que divulgou Dilma, cada cubano recebe apenas 1000 dólares por mês, sendo que apenas 400 destes vão para os médicos cubanos. A médica que pediu asilo está sendo perseguida pelos ditadores petistas, pelos ditadores cubanos e pela polícia federal.

Links para a notícia seguem:

Médica Cubana deixa Mais Médicos e diz que pedirá asilo no Brasil.


Médica cubana deixa o Mais Médicos e pede asilo no DEM, em Brasília

Fãs Cegos e uma Vitória Falsa

Queria falar um pouco sobre as reações de alguns socialistas ao plano do Brasil de importar seis mil médicos formados na Cuba.

Primeiro, deixe-me descrever a situação. O interior do Brasil não é bem desenvolvido. Em muitas cidades pequenas faltam serviços básicos. Coisas básicas como ruas pavimentadas, bancos, remédios, saneamento básico, conseguem estar em falta. Frequentemente as escolas não são boas. Como você pode imaginar essas vilas não são lugares atraentes para um profissional de classe média morar. Entre as várias coisas que podem faltar estão médicos.

Ler mais…

How fandom and ideology blinded the Brazilian left from seeing the blatant exploitation of Cuba’s doctors.

Read the full article here.

That’s what I was talking about (on my last post)

GoodReads Progress on HeLa

The Immortal Life of HeLa - Goodreads Progress


Boyfriend Cary is reading the very same book.

“The Way of All Flesh” by BBC’s Adam Curtis on “HeLa” Cells

I came to know about this video while  reading the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebbeca Skloot – page 81 of the e-book edition, to be more exact.

The video and the words below are embedded from what has been puclished on Google Video.




The Way of All Flesh by Adam Curtis
53:33m – 2 anos atrás

Follows the story of the cells of Henriettta Lacks. She dies in 1951 of cancer, before she died cells were removed from her body and cultivated in a laboratory in the hope that they could help find a cure for cancer. The cells (known as the HeLa line) have been growing ever since, and the scientists found that they were growing in ways they could not control.


 If anyone has any problem, concerning copyright, with me embedding this video on my site, please contact me and I’ll be glad to talk to you.

Book Review: “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer

This is not a random gullible green author raising the flag of veganism. It is a rather detailed research on how does the American meat industry works. Every claim and factual citation is properly referenced. Even when the reference is “just” a website (people will believe anything that is on the internet), there are ways to check further for the veracity of it.

You can also go farther than the author, and research the web for resources that try to debunk the things written on the book (not he he does not do that himself). The author gets to his own conclusion, and does not impose veganism on the reader. It’s up to the reader to make his own decisions, which, if you are smart enough and pay attention to the news, should not be a hard task.

In less than two months we have had two massive food recalls, all related to the factory farm meat industry: first there was the poultry and meat recall due to E.Coli contamination, and then there was the scandalous egg recall due to Salmonella. These only happen because the animals’ immune system is genetically designed so deficient that their bodies serve as playground to microorganisms. The factory farmed animals would never survive in case they were not fed tons of broad spectrum antibiotics everyday mixed with their food. As if that was not enough, you still have account improper management of the animal/meat througout the whole slaughtering process. Headlines like “Egg recall highlits the dangers of mass food production” only happen thanks to factory farms.  By reading Foer’s book, you would not have to read the article behind that headline. Because you would know instantly what would be written therein.

We (that is, human beings) are frequently lectured over self-medication and misuse of antibiotics; doctors and entire hospital staffs are blamed for bacterial resistance and the eminent “superbugs”. While there is truth in that, nothing can bear more guilt for imminent diseases (say H1N1) and “superbugs” than factory farms. It is a safe bet that you will never hear of the “Cat Flu” or “Dog Flu”. Because we do not eat cats and dogs. And even when we do (Koreans do), they are not produced in a genetically engineered immune deficient massive industrial scale fed broad spectrum antibiotics. Now chickens, pigs, fish and cow? The situation is so bad that I would not be surprised in case there was something that sounds as absurd as a “fish flu”. So please watch out for what (who) you eat and food safety. It’s not just about animal welfare, but our health depends on it too.

Update on H1N1 vaccination in Brazil

The Brazilian National Vaccination Campaign against Influenza H1N1 has ended officially on June the 2nd.

On June the 3rd the government published an official note saying the vaccination campaign has been prorogued indefinitely, until the number of people immunized reaches the initial target (that is, 80% of the population at higher risk of disease).

In Brazil, vaccination against Influenza H1N1 is administered for free by the government to all the population at high risk of disease. We have enough vaccines, so in case you haven’t had yours yet, please go to the public health care facility next to you as soon as possible, and get your H1N1 shot.

There are many people declining the vaccine claiming they don’t have enough time/have to work/etc.

 My advice: don’t be silly!! In case  people had to pay for the vaccine, or if there wasn’t enough of it, I’m sure eveyone would complain and would blame the government for being ill. But now the vaccine is for free, and there’s enough for everyone: means that, if you get ill, and by any chance Brazil’s morbidity and mortality for H1N1 this year gets higher, the only one to blame is yourself! Now go get your shot! I already got mine!

The Nardoni Trial, and Science & Health Reminders

  • It’s been now three full days since the beggining of the trial of Alexandre Nardoni & wife Ana Jatobá, both charged with murder 2 years ago, being the victim Isabella Nardoni, 5 years old, child of Alexandre’s first marriage with . Since the very beggining the case caused commotion nationwide due to it’s ever growing media coverage as forensic evidence quickly & strongly pointed towards Isabella’s father & stepmother as the authors of the crime. Since then the couple has been held captive in the prison of Tremembé, in the State of São Paulo, known for being ‘home sweet home’ to the most notorious Brazilian criminals.

    Global Voices has a post about on the media circus built around the Isabella Nardoni Case.

  • Today, March the 24th,  is World TB Day. For the curious and uninformed,  “TB” stands for Tuberculosis.  This day in 1882 Dr. Robert Koch brought to public his discovery of the tuberculosis bacillus, a.k.a. Koch bacillus. Hence the date is used as means to increase people’s awareness of such prevalent burdensome illness.
  • Reminder: Phase 2 of the Brazilian National H1N1 Vaccination Campaign goes until April 2nd . Go to the health care facility next to you and take your shot: if you are pregnant, in any gestational age; children from 06 months to 2 years old – and don’t forget to bring the child’s vaccination card with you; if you are under 60 and has any of the listed chronic diseases. Important: ALL PREGNANT WOMEN MUST GET THE VACCINE. In case you get pregnant after the vaccination period ends, you will get the vaccine too. Just look for the health care facility next to you, as soon as possible. For further questions you can check the following site, in portuguese:

News Bullets

  • Today Mr. not-so-governor José Roberto Arruda left jail – only to go to the Cardiology Institute for a cardiac procedure.  After catheterised, he was sent back to jail.  He should go through an angioplasty soon (apparently, the man happens to have a heart indeed). His lawyers are trying to use his heart disease as an excuse for him to be under house arrest rather than in prison, but their attempts have so far been in vain.
  • Today the infamous Paulo Salim Maluf, the greatest and more notorious Brazilian corrupt politician, made it to the Interpol “hall of fame”, and he’s now Wanted in every square inch of the planet earth – but Brazil, since there’s an issue that states that one country cannot extradict it’s very own citizens.
  • A major political fight is going on over the royalties of the pre-salt off-shore oil reserves, with people’s protesting the streets and everything else. Reminded me of the 80’s “Diretas Já”.
  • President Lula made a visit to the Mideast. While visiting Israel, he declined an invitation from Israeli government to visit the tomb of  Theodr Herzl, father of zionism, and he deffended the creation of a Palestine nation and also visited the tomb of Yasser Arafat, presenting his memory with a flowers garland.
  • Today is the last day for the Brazilian health care personnel to take their shot against H1N1 Influenza. This ends Phase one of vaccination campaign. Phase 2 starts on Monday, the 22nd through April 2nd, and the target public are pregnant women, infants from 6 months to 2 years old, and not elderly people with chronic diseases.

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