Spotify finally entered the 60’s

For the good of the planet Earth Santa Claus FINALLY gave Spotify the rights to execute Beatles songs, a prohibition that always seemed at least obnoxious, and now the world is finally a much better place.

WordPress app for iPad

I’m testing the official wordpress app for iPad. Let’s see how this comes out. Still looking for app that posts through multiple blogging platforms, like livescribe. I must say I’m frustrated that has such a shitty and limited app that mostly fits the iPhone screen only…

007 Skyfall – plus ordinary life updates

…is one of the best 007 films ever, if not the best (I’m still thrilled by having just watched it 2 hours ago, and my previous favorite was Casino Royale). The opening sequence graphics are stunning, the theme is a classic Bond style masterpiece in Adele’s great voice. Javier Bardem’s character is really outstanding and almost outshines Daniel Craig, as good as Craig is himself! Loved the references and jokes about old Bond movies, the final sequence at the Skyfall mansion is memorable, the finale was a surprise, dark but very, very good!
I cannot wait to see this film again!



In todays trip to the mall we happened to notice they’re selling Windows 8 Pro for just 269 Brazilian Reais (1 Real = 50 US$ cents), so it is, as we say about very cheap things here in Brazil, “Banana Price” close to what former Windows versions were priced (600+ Brazilian Reais at least)! I’m waiting however. Don’t wanna be the first to find out the first bugs! 😉



We’re also following the new season of The Walking Dead and it all looks good so far. Good to see most characters growing some balls and doing some killing instead of just whining around! Lori however is still a growing pain in the ass!


A few weeks ago a tragedy happened in my life. My smartphone suffered sudden death by drowning in the toilet. I was smartphoneless for about 10 days. That was good for me to confess and accept the sad truth: I am a smartphone addict. Using a stupidphone almost drove me nuts. I have an iPad but it’s Wi-Fi only so it wouldn’t always do the tricks. So there I was having an espresso with my husband but I couldn’t check-in on Foursquare or tweet about how awesome the coffee was, of post a tweaked picture of my espresso to Instagram. I could not update my Facebook status and see people liking my espresso and commenting about my irrelevant and mondane drink!! I also couldn’t keep in contact with my friends by instantly sending them endless messages about some personal, stressing but not less mondane issue,  that in the “old times” (or 12 years ago) would have to wait until we met in person or made an expensive cell phone call (mind that talking on cell phones was not and is still not cheap).
So, here it is the saddest part of the addiction: I was so afraid of being smartphoneless again that I actually acquired myself not only one, but two new phones… you know, a spare one in case some bad accident happens again (one can never be too careful!!). It was 10 endless days until the two phones finally arrived, together, in my mailbox. One cannot imagine the joy and relief I felt when I held my 2 new babies (Sony XPERIA S LT26i running on Droid Ice Cream Sandwich and Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro SK17i on Gingerbread)! As embarrassed as I feel for being so ridiculously addicted to my gadgets, I really hope I won’t lose them again any time soon!
As gadget addicted as I am, I’m still “old style” with typing (not to say clumsy) and prefer qwerty keyboards to touchscreen keyboards, hence my latest acquisition is a Bamboo stylus. I’m having a much better relationship with my touchscreens now that I have a stylus!

Norwegian Justice

A lot of people are very critical of Norway’s maximum sentence being only 21 years in the face of the mass murders this past Friday. Some are even going so far as to hope that they will raise the sentence limit and apply the new limit to the crime.


To the first part of that, within the bounds of international laws and treaties to which it is party, Norway is free to craft its justice system however it wishes. It doesn’t have to fit your idea of justice, or mine, or Burundi’s, or whatever. Furthermore Norway has a very low crime rate, so it is difficult to level much legitimate criticism at it as being dysfunctional in any systematic way.


The idea that Norway should alter itsjustice system after the fact and applying it this crime is particularly odious. Regardless of whether you think this sort of emotional knee-jerk change is justified, it is not going to happen. Known as an ex post facto law, they are forbidden by the Norwegian constitution (as well as many other countries’, including the United States’ and Brazil’s, even Iran’s).


It is not like Norway is some banana republic rife with crime and corruption. If it were, I would add my voice right along side these critics.


I am not going to that one doesn’t rewire ones justice system based on one extraordinary event, Norway may decide that is something they wish to do. I will say that doing it in the heat of the moment is nearly always a bad idea. This is the same sort of emotional spasm that led to the US congress passing, without barely a debate, the tome of civil rights pummeling laws known as the Patriot Act.


According to some ideals, 21 years is not enough, but as this is a Norwegian crime, committed in Norway, by a native of that country. It is their ideals that matter here and now.

I’m starting a journal…

…huh? So fucking what? Is that blogging matter? Isn’t blogging itself keeping a journal btw? Don’t you blog already?
Yeah but….
Well, when I read I like to underline, take footnotes and add post-its to the books, and that’s something that e-readers, the best of them, still don’t allow one to do with perfection, and will never do. Those which do, do it in such a limited, poor way. And you know what the good news is? A good Moleskine fits exactly the front pocket of an e-reader cover. 🙂

Green Moleskine into Nook Pocket

Green Moleskine into Nook Pocket

Google Music Beta makes me think…

So Google now offers a new service called “Music” (Beta). Not surpisingly it’s available only for those within the USA. Which againgot me thinking about the whole copyright jurisdiction issue.

I’m no specialist, but I don’t think one has to be an expert to understand. The internet ended with the concept of ‘local’ musicians. Anyone (that includes record companies and lawyers) who releases any music (or ANYTHING) today should keep in mind that they are releasing something to the WORLD, and not the folks who frequent the local pub. So say one person from Lalaland happened to stumble upon a link to a song by an unknown band from California. Or say this one person has a friend who recommended such band.  And the person wishes to listen to the band, but the streaming media AND the download of the song, even if it’s PAYED for, is territorially restricted to USA people.  What do you think the Lalalandian in question would do?

(1) Move to the USA in order to listen to/buy the song.

(2)Get a visa and travel to the US in order to listen to/buy the song.

(3) Use an anonymous encrypted proxy

(4)Download a pirate, illegal version of the song through filesharing.





Update: “Projeto Ficha Limpa”

The law which I mentioned in my April 14th post, Projeto Ficha Limpa – Preject Clean Record, has been approved by the Brazilian congress last Tuesday, May the 4th, in a historical session when nearly the entire House voted “yes”. Now there are 12 amendments to the law that have yet to be voted: the voting started on Thursday, May the 6th, and two amendments that essencially distorted the original text got a vehement no from the congress. The small number of representatives trying to distort the law didn’t make it, but at least managed to postpone the voting of the 10 missing amendments to next Tuesday, May the 11th.

You can follow the voting of Project Clean Record via live TV and web broadcast through TV Camara’s official channel.
Link to the live webcast.

Most representatives have a twitter account, twitting and replying to the people during the sessions. I have put together a list of brazilian politicians that has come very handy for that purpose: @plasticmadness/brazilianpoliticians

Projeto Ficha Limpa

 Brazilian Congress has conveniently postponed the voting and implementation of  “Projeto Ficha Limpa” – or, in english, “Project Clean Record”. It’s a new law that bans politicians with a criminal record from a new candidacy. The governist base and allies are the only ones to blame for the *shameless* filibuster (PT & PMDB). Meanwhile, PSDB, PPS, PV, PSOL e PHS are working pro-bill. The law is largely supported by brazilian people. Nearly 2 million people had already undersigned it before it got to congress.  There is an ongoing effort from the governist base to change the text in order to create a legal loophole that would allow politicians with a dirty record to participate in the elections.

Follow “Projeto Ficha Limpa” on Twitter: @FICHALIMPA

-Here are a few Brazilian Twitter politicians worth following: @alvarodias_  @silva_marina  @deputadamanuela  @lucianagenro  @Serys  @BetoAlbuquerque  @deputadofederal  @gabeiracombr  @mercadante

“Activism” Twitter List

“Activism” Twitter List, by Olivia Lovag, on Listorious

Please check my list for twitter updates on human rights, NGO’s, animal rights, women’s rights, LGBT, climate change, ecology and green activism, aid/relief work, conflict areas (palestine, for instance), education, human traffic, sex traffic, slavery, pedophilia, child abuse, sanitization, food safety, poverty, female genital mutilation, neglected tropical diseases, africa, racism, abortion discussion, feminism, minorities.

The listed twitters are (mostly) non-profit and not affiliated to any religion. As a rule, I try to keep out entities that use twitter as a tool to collect donations. The reason behind that: I created the list with the purpose of debate and information (translating: this is NOT a charity list. Naturally, I have nothing against charity! 😉 I actually vehemently encourage people to donate whenever they can. There are some great twitter charity lists running on twitter, too.)

I try to keep the list non-partisan, but I must be honest here and confess that’s a very, very hard task, so, yes, you will find a few partisan twitters on the list.

You can suggest a user to my list via the Listorious form by clicking the link on top of the post. Make sure the user you are suggesting fits the criteria I mentioned above.You can follow the list directly by  clicking here @plasticmadness/activism

I think  It’s all coming out great, so please make sure you check it out and follow it if it pleases you! 🙂

Thank you,


“Brazilian Politicians” Twitter List

Town Mayors, city Councilmen, state Governors, state Representatives, federal Representatives, Senators, state Secretaries, Ministers. 

The list is not affiliated to any party (that is, listed users belong to any and every party, left-wing, right-wing and/or center).

I took care to also include politicians with currently no mandate.

There’s a preference for politicians who interact with their followers, naturally, as that’s part of the spirit of democracy.

You can suggest someone to be added to the list by filling the proper Listorious form; or you can send an @ reply to @plasticmadness on Twitter, explaining why you think the person should be on the list.

Please take the time to check the list, it comes out handy and of public utility, specially in election times. 

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