WordPress app for iPad

I’m testing the official wordpress app for iPad. Let’s see how this comes out. Still looking for app that posts through multiple blogging platforms, like livescribe. I must say I’m frustrated that Disq.us has such a shitty and limited app that mostly fits the iPhone screen only…

007 Skyfall – plus ordinary life updates

…is one of the best 007 films ever, if not the best (I’m still thrilled by having just watched it 2 hours ago, and my previous favorite was Casino Royale). The opening sequence graphics are stunning, the theme is a classic Bond style masterpiece in Adele’s great voice. Javier Bardem’s character is really outstanding and almost outshines Daniel Craig, as good as Craig is himself! Loved the references and jokes about old Bond movies, the final sequence at the Skyfall mansion is memorable, the finale was a surprise, dark but very, very good!
I cannot wait to see this film again!



In todays trip to the mall we happened to notice they’re selling Windows 8 Pro for just 269 Brazilian Reais (1 Real = 50 US$ cents), so it is, as we say about very cheap things here in Brazil, “Banana Price” close to what former Windows versions were priced (600+ Brazilian Reais at least)! I’m waiting however. Don’t wanna be the first to find out the first bugs! 😉



We’re also following the new season of The Walking Dead and it all looks good so far. Good to see most characters growing some balls and doing some killing instead of just whining around! Lori however is still a growing pain in the ass!


A few weeks ago a tragedy happened in my life. My smartphone suffered sudden death by drowning in the toilet. I was smartphoneless for about 10 days. That was good for me to confess and accept the sad truth: I am a smartphone addict. Using a stupidphone almost drove me nuts. I have an iPad but it’s Wi-Fi only so it wouldn’t always do the tricks. So there I was having an espresso with my husband but I couldn’t check-in on Foursquare or tweet about how awesome the coffee was, of post a tweaked picture of my espresso to Instagram. I could not update my Facebook status and see people liking my espresso and commenting about my irrelevant and mondane drink!! I also couldn’t keep in contact with my friends by instantly sending them endless messages about some personal, stressing but not less mondane issue,  that in the “old times” (or 12 years ago) would have to wait until we met in person or made an expensive cell phone call (mind that talking on cell phones was not and is still not cheap).
So, here it is the saddest part of the addiction: I was so afraid of being smartphoneless again that I actually acquired myself not only one, but two new phones… you know, a spare one in case some bad accident happens again (one can never be too careful!!). It was 10 endless days until the two phones finally arrived, together, in my mailbox. One cannot imagine the joy and relief I felt when I held my 2 new babies (Sony XPERIA S LT26i running on Droid Ice Cream Sandwich and Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro SK17i on Gingerbread)! As embarrassed as I feel for being so ridiculously addicted to my gadgets, I really hope I won’t lose them again any time soon!
As gadget addicted as I am, I’m still “old style” with typing (not to say clumsy) and prefer qwerty keyboards to touchscreen keyboards, hence my latest acquisition is a Bamboo stylus. I’m having a much better relationship with my touchscreens now that I have a stylus!

Songbird 1.0


Boas Novas! 

O Songbird 1.0 já está disponível para download !!!
O player de música open source que vem com um navegador embutido, baseado em Mozilla, e que é a grande promessa pra se tornar “O Player”. Usa tecnologia GStreamer, multiplataforma, suporta iPod, quicktime, windows media, é altamente integrado com o Last.fm. É totalmente customizável, permite mudança de “penas”, disposioção de painéis e dezenas de add-ons. O navegador é compatível com add-ons populares do Firefox, como Adblock, Noscript, DownloadHelper e FlashGot.

Alguns add-on “must-have”:
-> mashTape: constitui-se de um painel de informação sobre o artista sendo executado no momento – o mash-tape carrega, automaticamente, em um painel, dividido em abas, dezenas de fotos do flickr, videos do youtube, notícias, letra de música e biografia do artista sendo executado. É como se fosse uma grande colagem, um painel, e de fato é uma “mão-na-roda”, pois economiza muito tempo em se tratando de pesquisa sobre artistas.

-> LyricMaster: O nome é auto-explicativo, o add-on faz busca automática das letras de música em sites-database pre-determinados (LyricWiki e LyricsPlugin), e mostra a letra no painel lateral. Permite que a letra seja salva no computador, junto dos metadados do arquivo, de modo que a letra vai ser exibida mesmo se você estiver offline. Permite edição do texto da letra.

-> The Exorcist: instrumento para remover arquivos duplicados e inexistentes da biblioteca. Acredito que este add-on seja incorporado ao core do Songabird nas próximas edições.

-> Directory Browser: permite navegar no seu diretorio “My Music” de dentro do próprio Songbird (nem todos gostam de usar a biblioteca de mpusicas).

-> Adblock Plus: popular add-on do Firefox em versão para Songbird, bloqueia propagandas na internet.

-> Noscript: outro add-on do FF praticamente obrigatório que foi adaptado para o Songbird.

->Suporte para Scrobbler da Last.fm

Outros add-ons bem legais:

-> Personas for Songbird: a exemplo do Personas for FF, permite personalizar suas “feathers” ou “penas” (que é como as skins são carinhosamente nomeadas no SB!!)

Para mais informação sobre o SB leia o post do blog oficial.

Songbird RC 2

 Please check out and make sure to download: 

more on the Songbird 1.0 Release Candidate 2.

and keep in mind that by reporting any bugs your are contributing already.

Songbird is almost there…

As a user and enthusiast of the Songbird player i feel i must spread the word and say that test version for the 1.0 release is just out, according to the post of raffel from the Songbird Team on their blog. 

Go check it out!

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