Amy Winehouse is dead

I don’t think anyone is shocked by this news. In July 31 2008 I made a blog post in (in portuguese) titled “Place your bets” because since then it was obvious to me that she wouldn’t last long. She actually lasted longer than I thought.

Amy Winehouse was a talented performer and composer with a unique voice that was without a doubt the greatest female singer voice to surge in pop music in many decades. Her vocal ability and peculiarity are comparable to that of great late Nina Simone. Sadly, Amy succumbed to drugs and alcohol faster and deeper than any other singer/songwriter in the past (or recent) history. Amy had her last attempt to release a new album declined by the record label, who claimed the songs were not up to her two previous albums. Imagine the impact of that in the mind of someone who is already deeply troubled. Her last musical novelty was a re-recording of “It’s my party” by Lesley Gore, a lesbian teen singer from the 60’s, which has been broadcasting in Brazilian radio stations.

Also, unlike many probably think, Amy wasn’t proud of being a drunk, drug addict mess, as she earlier expressed in an interview about which I blogged here, also in portuguese.

Amy Winehouse’s death is as much a loss to pop music as Jeff Buckley’s was to rock. Only Amy screwed up long before she died.

Rest In Peace, Amy.

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