The complete fail of the Brazilian purse

It is absolutely unacceptable that, in country notable for its citizen being highly subject to several forms of violence and crime by simply walking out the door – where the most notable and common form or crime are known to be wallet, phone, handbag and purse theft (aforementioned executed mostly in a clever and concealed manner by experienced criminals) – all the purses, handbags, clutches, backpacks and akin are poorly executed and offer little if no protection against these thieves.
You will hardly (if at all) find a carrying device that has a double zipper that allows you to use a lock. All handbags have a very regular zipper that has the blind end sticking out out the bag, leaving a gap underneath that may be used not only as a way to steal from your bag, but also as a way to throw something inside your bag without your permission (hey, we live in the terrorism ages). Most carrying devices closing mechanisms are nothing but a magnet button. Or no button at all. No need to say that no bags come without a lock.
A special attention should be given to the bags meant to be used specifically at the beach, a very popular item between Brazilian women. These are as open as they can. They have a closing mechanism just good enough to keep things from flying outside due the the wind in the beaches. they do not protect against sand, and they do not hide and protect your goods at all. It’s just all out there, semi-hanging outside the purse in the open for everyone to see and steal as they like.
As you can now see, it’s not only the Brazilian people, the Brazilian economics and the Brazilian politicians that are unreliable.
Unless you live in a country with nearly zero crime rate and/or wish a purse/wallett/backpack/handbag for decorative or souvenir reasons only, do not buy Brazilian designed and made handbags and alikes.

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