Uncharted 3 For PS3 (and others)

I’m so disappointed with certain aspects of most PS3 games (that we own. Yes, we still used the PS2.)
Mostly we’ve been playing (solo and co-op) Uncharted 3 and (solo) Child of Eden. I’m extremely pissed off at the fact that in most couch co-op modes it’s not possible to save a game. PS3 auto-saves it, says the manual. But no, it doesn’t. Once you ran out of lives it’s game over and back to the beginning, and you have to re-do everything you did the last fucking hour all over again – which really makes me rethink playing these games again, since I really could be doing something more useful of my time. How – and why – do these folks are so tech wise and creative to make up all these funky 3D imagery with cinema quality sound, and yet they can’t make the game savable? WEAK.

P.S.: do NOT under any circumstances buy PS3 controllers of the brand “Integris” or “Integris Brasil”. I lack words to describe their ultimate crappiness. Don’t buy ANYTHING from Integris. Buy the original, please. 

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