My Grain

Since a few weeks ago I became vegetarian and decided to increase the daily consumption of dietary fiber.

The following text has noting to do with that. It is more about how  fibergasted I was at the intensity of my last headache.

It  pounds my skull, pulsing, as a very very bad idea insisting to get out.

Each footstep evenly conducts itself up through my body into my skull, making my neurons resonate and my brain dance frantically like a gelatin about to part in the middle under the slightest pressure.

When the miminum light beam does not dim my sight enough to make it go white blind¹, I can see stars and planets and supernovas and all kinds of celestial bodies. Even being indoors².

Even the sounds of lower magnitude reverberate causing the jelly, I mean, the brain, to dance even more willingly and frantically.

(To think I always thought I was a bad dancer.)

The resonace spreads from my brain only to take over my body and suddenly I am dancing fully instead of only in my head (that’s what I call putting your ideas in practice…).

My skin gets pale and moist  from the dancing and my stomach announces the milk shake has been shaken enough already and going up the cup…

…and then I get home and take a miracle pill.

(What, you thought I was on drugs before all that happened?)

¹what the unskeptical lay people also know as “seeing God”?

²Probably would fit the diagnostic criteria for some random DSM-V diagnosis entitled to psychotropic prescription drugs.

P.S.:  this case has shown no valid statistical evidence of correlation between fiber ingestion, vegetarianism and altered mind states. I reamain a cereal eater and a vegetarian. Now just go eat your cereal and enjoy your salad, please.

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