Random music ramble

Listening to “Go”, new solo release by Jónsi, from the great Icelandic band Sigur Rós.  It’s more radio-friendly and commercial than his past recordings with Sigur Rós. “Tornado” is my favorite song. It’s a decent album. There are lots of little movies and artsy easter eggs floating on the web surface like polystyrene in the dead sea. These videos were released together within the concept of the album – as if artists and labels suddenly had the epiphany that including extra artwork, films etc would create a differential that would make people go back to buying records. Personally, I LOVE the artwork, holding the sleeve in my hands while I listen to the music, looking at the pictures and credits… (yeah, old school, I know),  and I would NEVER go back to buying records. And – strong remark here – this is not piracy I’m talking about, but buying legal digital downloads instead of purchasing the disc itself. I currently listen to music only on my computer or my phone.  The collection of hundreds of discs that I used to be so proud of has now no purpose but to catch dust in the shelves.

(Ok, anti-record rant aside, let’s not be so radical as to say ‘never’) -> I just got myself Paul McCartney’sGood Evening New York City” Deluxe Edition, and the package is so exotic and luxurious that it happens to be bigger than some of the books I own. 2 cd’s plus 2 dvd’s. Right now, if anyone asked me”What are you reading?” I would feel compelled to say “I’m reading McCartney!”.

Besides, I always purchase Radiohead discs too (cd’s, dvd’s, shirts andor anything else you can imagine), but just because I’m on the ‘obsession’ level of fandom. (See? My advice to any band willing to make it big: try to keep a loyal base of fans, even if small in number, they’ll buy anything with your name in it!)

And, finally, I can’t not comment on this:  I’m inconsolable because Sir Paul McCartney didn’t confirm any of his rumoured shows in Brazil, which should have taken place during the month currently ending (for the disoriented and uninformed: March of 2010)

Music: Goldfrapp’s New Album – Head First

Two days ago Goldfrapp released their new album, titled “Head First”. It has nine tracks. It’s very synth-poppy, 80’s and cheesy cheery. As you listen, what first comes to mind is fake blonde perms, colored leggings and lavish stamped tops with huge shoulder pads. First track, “Rocket”, is so strongly based on synthesizers that immediately it reminded me of Van Halen’s “Jump”.  Same thing for “Believer”“Voicething” closes the album with almost 5 minutes of voice sample loops on a synth background.  Alison’s voice is great, as usual.

  • Favorite track: “Alive” – it’s deliciously sticky, dance and radio-friendly.
  • Official Site: http://www.goldfrapp.com/
  • Listen & buy: you can hear music samples and buy it via the official site, and here.
  • Official release date: March 22nd, 2010.

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