Breaking Bad Finale

And Walter White is dead. Good finale. I only didn’t like that they let Skyler remain ignorant about the fact that all the major final developments were direct or indirect consequences of HER wishes, and not Walt’s (if she didn’t insist on Jesse being killed, none of what happened aftewards would have happened, including Hank’s death). I’m fine with her getting away with it, but I’m not fine with her conscience getting away with it.

List of Places to be Visited and Things to Be Done Before you Die, Based on Music

Blogworthy? Not sure. However…

1. Take the “A” Train (Duke Ellington)
2. Float down the Liffey (nevermind I can’t swim. I already floated down the dead sea, but that would require Radiohead to re-write the song) (Radiohead)
3. Get to Oceanside (and lay your muscles wide…) (The Decemberists)
… (neverending list!)

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Just watched it. Robert Downey Jr. is awesome as he was in the prequel. Film one was much better, just because I find that Holmes fits better “smaller” plots than big conspiracy scenarios… and along with that there’s always some excessively implausible action scenes, of which we got plenty this time. Holmes belongs in stories that add to his personality and show off his character, and that can be achieved through more low-profile (but not less intricate) plots, instead of international conspiracy ones. Holmes is a detective, not a super-hero.  I liked the Madam Simza character, but I missed Irene Adler. She’s got a rare form of TBC and that’s all? No further info, no tear sheded, nothing? Then they replace her by Simza like some ‘good vs bad’ Bondgirls? Overall it was a very good film, but it lacked the charisma of the first one.

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