Olivian Fettuccine

I’m a hopeless cook disaster.

I don’t think I ever made anything in my life that was’t noodle without failing terribly (ok, I confess I made omelete, but overall I’m not only bad but dangerous at the kitchen).  Anyway, for whatever reason (as in “there was no yogurt to eat with my cereal” and “the house ran out of fruits”) today I decided to make pasta (surprise…) with whatever I had laying around in the kitchen. And the thing is:  miracle or not, it actually ended up tasting really good. And I had a Casillero del Diablo 2008 Carmenere wine that went just perfect with it.

Cutting the chit-chat, here’s the recipe to my…

Olivian Fettuccine

Chop in slices a few leaves of Treviso Radicchio, lettuce and  half a grated carrot, and leave it there waiting.

Fill a pan with water, add salt and put it on the stove. It’s  a good idea to light the stove so, you kow, the water will boil.

In another pan, pour a bunch of olive oil; drop a proportional bunch of  herbes de provence; drop a proportional bunch of coriander (actually you can exaggerate a little here); pour (ok, careful here) a few bunch of drops of traditional Tabasco; pour a bunch of acetobalsamico di Modena (equivalent to 3 soup spoons). Do all this with the stove off. Fine. By now the water in the other pan must be probably already boiling, so you add the desired ammount of fettuccine to the first pan. After that you light the stove in low heat and with a wooden spoon you keep mixing all the spices for 3-5 minutes. Then you turn of the fire a little, add a bunch of mayonese and mix it all together really well. Then you add the chopped vegetables that I mentioned in the first line of this post, turn the fire on again, low, and mix it all together for like 2-3 minutes.

Well, at this point the fettuccine is probably al dente, so you drain the water from the pasta, and add all the fettuccine into the pan with the spicy sauce, and mix it really well.

Put it on a dish, and eat it with a fork and a knife, and a good glass of Carmenère wine.

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