When Trans-temporal Messages Kill

What happens when messages from the far future are broadcast into an average mind of the near future? Bad stuff.

World War Z – TheMovie

First it is important to say I haven’t read the book yet.

I enjoyed the movie however I expected it to be better scripted, with more significant dialogue and less zombie running/shooting. You will say ‘OK, but it’s a zombie movie’, and I say yeah, but still they could have given the actors a few more minutes to earn their enormous wage than simply showing off a bunch of CGI action zombie shooting.

Book Review: Zone One by Colson Whitehead

OK, so Colson Whitehead is technically good at writing a book. Hs english is perfect, he uses fancy thesaurus words. BUT: Nothing happens in this book. This is a no-story. It’s 200 plus pages of endless empty useless stream of consciousness, with right-out-of-the-thesaurus nouns exaggeratedly embelished with half a dozen adjectives. The book consists of endless reminiscing episodes that could as well have been read randomly or backwards: it wouldn’t make any difference to the story. It’s like looking at a photo album: it doesn’t matter which photo you see first, it’s all still just fragments of the same event. “Zone One” is not horror, not spooky, it does not caused me any feeling but that of dropping the book to never see it again. Stay away from this one. I don’t understand how this book was even published. I only gave it one star because i couldn’t rate it 0 stars.

Link to “Zone One” on “Goodreads”: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11501957-zone-one

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