My new toy!!!

I recently heard of Kangoo Jumps from a coworker during coffee break. Kangoo Jumpas are a pair of boots made of a rigid plastic outer shell and a soft cushioned inner part, but the most outstanding characteristic is the sole, which is basically a spring, composed on two arched plastic pieces united by a rubber spring in the middle. It sort puts a cast on your ankle, like ski boots, only it does not freeze your legs in a forward angle like ski boots. Good side: you'll hardly if ever hurt your ankles with kangoo jumps. The whole boot can be disassembled, so if a part breaks or wears of, you just buy a new piece to repace them, and it's cheap.

It s the best way to run and dance for me, because it removes up to 80% of the impact on your joints, if compared to tennis shoes or other sports shoes. I haven't read this anywhere, but it also improves my aerobic capacity since I feel I can breathe easier for much longer keeping an optimum heart rate. Plus: it works your legs muscles just fine 🙂 and burns a lot more calories than just running or jogging or dancing.

But the most important feature of all: IT IS SO FUN!!!!!!




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