Willie Nelson Concert

On March 25th we have been to see Willie Nelson perform at The House of Blues in Cleveland. The opening act was by Drake White from Tennessee. It’s impressive how Willie‘s singing is still so sharp and powerful, being 78 years old. What a voice! The setlist included most of his greatest hits and some covers that, very honestly, in his voice sound better than the original. Willie is very charismatic, and he threw bandanas and hats to the crowd during all the show.

The House of Blues is not the overcrowded kind of venue, so you can see, listen and apppreciate the music just as it should be.

Drake White is a man with a guitar, a (great) voice and a lot of class. He’s really sharp and can keep up with the audience. But most of all, his music is very good.

The great Willie Nelson

The setlist as I can remember:

Whiskey River, Yesterday’s Wine, I Saw the Light, Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys, On The Road Again, If You Got the Money I Got the Time, Always on my Mind, Georgia on my Mind, Heartbreak Hotel, Crazy, Me and Paul, and… that’s all I can recall by now.

He also sang a new song but I can’t remember the title.


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