Catharsis – Desabafo

In order for this to flow properly I had to write in my first language, that is, Brazilian Portuguese.

Antes de qualquer coisa: não escrevo este post para posar de viajada cosmopolita fajuta. É só um desabafo.

Toda vez que eu volto pro Brasil eu fico homesick. Mas não é homesick de acordo com e significado americano. É o contrário, porque eu só me sinto em casa, de verdade, estando lá fora. Toda vez que eu saio da Brasil, a pior parte é voltar. Eu jamais sinto saudade. Eu nunca tenho vontade de voltar pra cá. O único sentimento que eu sinto em relação ao Brasil é medo, vergonha e tristeza. Nunca como em todos os lugares para os quais eu viajei eu me senti tão à vontade, tão livre, tão cidadã, tão respeitada, tão ser humano, tão SEGURA, tão bem-quista, tão parte de uma sociedade de bem, que tem valores em comum com os meus.

It’s Official…

…Cesare Battisti, the convicted italian terrorist and murderer of several people, is now walking freely in the streets of Brazil, thanks to president Lula. Cesare Battisti is the new Ronald Biggs.
Dear Italian citizens: I hereby clarify, on behalf of the majority of Brazilian citizens, that we Brazilians disagree with president Lula’s decision. We are ashamed of his decision, and we think that Battisti belongs in the hands of Italian justice, nowhere else.

…And The First Post of 2011 (or How Brazil Got a Palestinian Embassy)

President Lula’s last official act as the president of Brazil, a few hours before leaving office,  was a closed meeting with Mahmoud Abbas.

The meeting’s reason we learned today, through AlJazeera English :

“Palestine to open embassy in Brazil”

My short comment: I almost passed out of shock when I first read this. My mother and my father almost had a heart attack. 

While I support the Palestinian cause it also concerns me how Lula is jeopardizing more and more Brazil’s diplomatic ties with ther nations. 

I wonder how long will it be until Brazil figures in the blacklist of potential terrorist countries. For one who aims a permanent seat in the UN’s Security Council this was a very, very bad move.

President Lula should have kept in mind that defending Brazil’s interests comes first. Supporting random causes, humanitarian issues and other nations is secondary to our nation’s very own issues. He should have known better.

Previously, on planet earth…

  • Brasilia, Brazil’s capital, turned 50 years old.
  • Mudslide tragedy going on in Rio de Janeiro killed more than 200 people.
  • The entire Polish presidencial staff died in a plane crash (President included).
  • Obama and Medvedev signed a disarmament treaty to reduce their nuclear arsenal in 1/3.
  • José Serra officialy became a presidential candidate.
  • A Brazilian pedophile-turned-serial-killer confessed the murder of 6 kids 13-19 y/o who went missing in Luziania, a small town in the state of Goias, in the central plateou, near Brasilia. After being arrested, he allegedlly killed himself while in jail. An investigation is will now determine if the killer, ironically named Jesus, commited suicide, or whether someone “suicided” him.
  • José Roberto Arruda has been released from jail. He remains holding the record of “Brazilian Politician who Spent Most Time in Jail”: 2 long months. What will be of him now?
  • Another earthquake, this time in China, killed more than 2.000 people.
  • An Icelandic volcano woke up after 200 years dormant, flooded surrounding area, ashes spreaded all over Europe closing all airports, causing worldwide commercial aviation to chaos.
  • A bidding took place to determine who will build the Belo Monte dam, a power plant in the Xingú area of the brazilian amazon. The event happened under vehement protest of NGO’s and indigenous people, who claim environmental damage and disrespect to the indigeous rights.

News Bullets

  • Today Mr. not-so-governor José Roberto Arruda left jail – only to go to the Cardiology Institute for a cardiac procedure.  After catheterised, he was sent back to jail.  He should go through an angioplasty soon (apparently, the man happens to have a heart indeed). His lawyers are trying to use his heart disease as an excuse for him to be under house arrest rather than in prison, but their attempts have so far been in vain.
  • Today the infamous Paulo Salim Maluf, the greatest and more notorious Brazilian corrupt politician, made it to the Interpol “hall of fame”, and he’s now Wanted in every square inch of the planet earth – but Brazil, since there’s an issue that states that one country cannot extradict it’s very own citizens.
  • A major political fight is going on over the royalties of the pre-salt off-shore oil reserves, with people’s protesting the streets and everything else. Reminded me of the 80’s “Diretas Já”.
  • President Lula made a visit to the Mideast. While visiting Israel, he declined an invitation from Israeli government to visit the tomb of  Theodr Herzl, father of zionism, and he deffended the creation of a Palestine nation and also visited the tomb of Yasser Arafat, presenting his memory with a flowers garland.
  • Today is the last day for the Brazilian health care personnel to take their shot against H1N1 Influenza. This ends Phase one of vaccination campaign. Phase 2 starts on Monday, the 22nd through April 2nd, and the target public are pregnant women, infants from 6 months to 2 years old, and not elderly people with chronic diseases.

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