Google Music Beta makes me think…

So Google now offers a new service called “Music” (Beta). Not surpisingly it’s available only for those within the USA. Which againgot me thinking about the whole copyright jurisdiction issue.

I’m no specialist, but I don’t think one has to be an expert to understand. The internet ended with the concept of ‘local’ musicians. Anyone (that includes record companies and lawyers) who releases any music (or ANYTHING) today should keep in mind that they are releasing something to the WORLD, and not the folks who frequent the local pub. So say one person from Lalaland happened to stumble upon a link to a song by an unknown band from California. Or say this one person has a friend who recommended such band.  And the person wishes to listen to the band, but the streaming media AND the download of the song, even if it’s PAYED for, is territorially restricted to USA people.  What do you think the Lalalandian in question would do?

(1) Move to the USA in order to listen to/buy the song.

(2)Get a visa and travel to the US in order to listen to/buy the song.

(3) Use an anonymous encrypted proxy

(4)Download a pirate, illegal version of the song through filesharing.





Songbird RC 2

 Please check out and make sure to download: 

more on the Songbird 1.0 Release Candidate 2.

and keep in mind that by reporting any bugs your are contributing already.

Songbird is almost there…

As a user and enthusiast of the Songbird player i feel i must spread the word and say that test version for the 1.0 release is just out, according to the post of raffel from the Songbird Team on their blog. 

Go check it out!

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