Melancholia by Lars von Trier

After seeing “Antichrist” I became scared of ever seeing Lars von Trier‘s films again, because it was so disturbing that it actually affected me emotionally for a few days. Thinking twice, however, I guess it’s impossible that anything be made in a near future that is as depressive and disruptive to the viewer as “Antichrist”. Also, Von Trier’s filmography isn’t exactly known from it’s cheerfulness and comedic scripts, and “Antichrist” was like the pinnacle of emotional overcharge that a movie can have. “Melancholia” couldn’t be any worse in that aspect. So I went to see it. It is very artsy, like all von Trier films. “Melancholia” has such stunning cinematography that even in case it was a silent movie it would have been great – but the music and sound are as awesome as the cinematography. The preamble in slow motion passes a feeling of gravitational force, of heaviness, of something that is both stronger than you and out of your control – so out of your control that you may collapse phenomenally, just like a giant celestial body crashing into another. It’s a relief to see Kiefer Sutherland in a non-action role, and unlike Jack Bauer, this time there’s nothing he can do to save the world – and even if there was I don’t think he would bother, because his character is rather coward. Kirsten Dunst did a very good job and has good onscreen chemistry with Charlotte Gainsbourg. This is the second time von Trier and Gainsbourg work together, and I think it worked out very well. Charlotte’s character in “Melancholia” is very different from her’s in “Antichrist”, but not that much: I still wonder what it would be like to see her laughing out loud, for instance.

I rated “Melancholia”  8.0 on IMDB. Currently it’s rated at 7.9, with almost 6.000 votes.

I’ve seen this film at Guion Center theatres in Porto Alegre, which tends to exhibit alternative/indie/non-mainstrem films.

Other films seen recently:  Super 8,  one of the best films I’ve seen lately, it’s like “The Goonies” meets “E.T”  and it brings back so many good childhood memories; The Tortured, which was surprisingly better than its IMDB rating suggested;  Hanna, which was a waste of good actors on a story that could have been better developed; Green Lantern, which was barely OK;  The Town, which I’d call Snatch by Ben Affleck;  Sucker Punch,  Mongolian Death Worm, (not notheworthy unless you’re into B-films just for the giggles) The Uninvited, which is worth watching  and much better than expected, The Tunnel, another  great ‘Blair Witch’ sytle film, ‘based on true facts’  that is worth watching, Monsters, an average action film that resembles “Cloverfield” from a far.

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