List of Places to be Visited and Things to Be Done Before you Die, Based on Music

Blogworthy? Not sure. However…

1. Take the “A” Train (Duke Ellington)
2. Float down the Liffey (nevermind I can’t swim. I already floated down the dead sea, but that would require Radiohead to re-write the song) (Radiohead)
3. Get to Oceanside (and lay your muscles wide…) (The Decemberists)
… (neverending list!)

Activism Twitter List by Olivia Lovag on Listorious

Please check my list for updates on human rights, NGO’s, animal rights, women’s rights, LGBT, climate change, ecology and green activism, aid work and conflicts, education, human traffic, sex traffic, slavery, pedophilia, child abuse and non-profit organisations.
All are non-profit and mostly non-religious entities. I try to leave out entities that use twitter to ask for donations because I want the list to be mostly informative (that is, this is not a “charity” list). I tried to keep the list non-partisan, but that’s a hard task, so, yes, there are quite a few (very) partisan twitters on the list.
But It’s coming out great, please make sure you check it and follow! 🙂

Thank you very much,


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