Palpites para o Oscar 2016

Votei na enquete do The New York Times, mas não sei se votei em quem eu acho que vai ganhar ou naquele que eu gostei mais e realmente acho que merce. De qualquer jeito, aí estão minhas apostas para o Oscar:


Melhor Filme: Votei em The Big Short. The Revenant e Spotlight são páreo duro. The Revenant vai ganhar.

Melhor Diretor: para mim Tom McCarthy merece o prêmio por Spotlight. É muito difícil dirigir uma história complexa ,onde quase não há atores secundários, e todos os atores tem muitas cenas juntas, coletivas, fazer esse grupo funcionar junto em cena é difícil e McCarthy faz isso com maestria. Merece o Oscar.

No entanto, Dirigir The Revenant é uma tarefa tão épica quando o filme, e a academia ama o Alejandro G. Iñarritu, adora “bicampeonatos”, então acho que o Oscar vai para Iñarritu por The Revenant.

Melhor ator: votei no Leonardo diCaprio, e acho que ele vai ganhar sim, ele merece.

Brian Cranston está ótimo é um forte concorrente com DiCaprio por sua atuação em Trumbo – a seu favor tem o fato de que a Academia adora filmes sobre eles mesmos.

Se aquele pivete nível Malhação do Eddie Redmainne ganhar, eu rasgo meu diploma (grande coisa porque não sou formada em cinema mesmo). Ele é péssimo, tem apenas uma expressão facial, aquela carinha de paisagem com os olhinhos sorrindo, sempre sorrindo, sempre o mesmo olhar, debochandl da cara do espectador. Um piá medíocre que não merece a atenção que merece. A única coisa que vai me emputecer muito nessa cerimônia é se esse guri ganhar outra estatueta. Não pode!!

Melhor atriz: Brie Larson, sem dúvida. Saoirse Ronan é linda, jovem, talentosa e uma das mais subestimadas jovens atrizes de Hollywood. Mas ela é bem melhor que o papel pelo qual está concorrendo. Por isso, acho que Brie Larson vai ganhar.

Melhor ator coadjuvante: Tom Hardy, Tom Hardy e Tom Hardy. Está tão bem que rouba a cena em The Revenant a ponto de ofuscar o Leonardo diCaprio. Semqualquer outro ganhar esse Oscar, é uma injustiça.

Melhor atriz Coadjuvante: Jennifer Jason Leigh por The Hateful Eight. Ela praticamente É o filme. Alicia Vikander é capaz de ganhar, só pra que o filmezinho do Eddie Redmainne não fique sem Oscar. Mas não merece.

Roteiro Original: Spotlight, sem dúvida.

Roteiro Adaptado: The Big Short deve ganhar. The Martian é um forte concorrente, mas a academia odeia ficção científica!

Filme Estrangeiro: Son of Saul (nao vi todos)

Melhor animação: não vi nenhum

Edição de som: The Martian

Efeitos visuais: The Martian deve ganhar por fazer um filme inteiro locado “em outro planeta”, e esse é um aspecto fundamental para esse filme muito mais do que todos os outros concorrentes, especialmente porque ele concorre a melhor filme (Star Wars, por exemplo, não concorre), e The Martian jamais concorreria a melhor filme se tivesse efeitos visuais toscos.

Ex Machina é um filme muito subestimado, e o cenário distópico é detalhista, intricado, e perfeito a ponto de quase não se perceber que se tratam de CGIs. merece um honroso segundo lugar na minha lista.

The Revenant… Bom, é bem mais fácil criar efeitos visuais que imitam a natureza e um monte de brutamontes sujos do que fazer um filme inteiro baseado em outro planeta. Não mrece

Stars Wars – mais do mesmo. Teve algum efeito visual inovador? Então não merece.

Mad Max: Fury Road – a estética é parte importante desse filme de ação, então capricharam nos efeitos visuais, mas nem se compara com The Martian.

Edição: The Big Short.

Curta animado: ignoro a categoria

Curta Live Action: ignoro a categoria

Documentário curta: ignoro a categoria

Trilha sonora original: Star Wars, The Force Awakens. Porque ninguém é páreo para John Williams.

Canção Original: Spectre (só conheço duas das músicas concorrentes)

Produção: The Revenant

Fotografia: The Revenant

Figurino: A Garota Dinamarquesa

Maquiagem: Mad Max – Fury Road

Documentário: Amy vai ganhar, é obvio. Mas quem merece o Oscar mesmo é “What Happened, Miss Simone?”, só que é uma filme do Netflix sobre uma cantora ativista negra. E Hollywood odeia todas essas coisas.

Mixagem de som: Star Wars – The Force Awakens


The case for mall love, Star Wars, UBER and Happy 2014!

Yesterday I've been to Cinemark watch Mockingjay 2.


Today I've been to the same place, again, to go to the cinema, again, only this time I watched Star Wars VII: the Force Awakens.


I confess: despite growing up with Han Solo and Luke Skywalker (I always love Han Solo the most,meven when I was like… 4yo), I got frustrated with Lucas' prequels of cute animals and child stories. I hated what's his name who played Anakin. God, they could at least have chosen a real actor for someone as iconic as The future Darth Vader. But not content with the poor choice for Anakin's role, they decide to throw the shit in the fan altogether by pairing Anakin with bland boring equally terrible if not worse in thespian skill matters Natalie Portman. That was way beyong the bearable to watch. Hence my caution in getting excited about Ep VII. All I could think of was “oh no, 3 interminable hours of cute droids and Jar Jar Binks-Like creatures. If I am going to see this, may the force be with me, really”.


But to my surprise it was an awesome movie and I needed not to stand up in the middle of the theatre to split the screen in half with my light saber. Picking up the old actors was such a great decision. There was continuity to it and it made me feel like I was watching the original film again for the first time, revamped.

They really built up the characters well, including the troopers, who weren't only mere extras with guns in a white plastic costume anymore. The whole scene where the troopers are summoned to destroy the resistance – a great reference to WWII and Hitler. Big red banner with black symbol in the background, troopers in formation as if SS and Gestapo had been consultants for the movie themselves. And hail to the chief just like a “Heil Hitler”. I loved their choice of actor for “baby Vader”.

Spoiler ahead…

I saw it comming all along but it broke my heart to see Han Solo go like that.

Jedi are sort of like priests, don't marry, etc, it's all force force force. But the ending was literally and figuratively a cliffhanger. The girl could be Leia's daughter (with someone other than Han Solo) OR she could be the daughter of Skywalker himself. After all, he was MIA for years with nothing but his hoodie. nOt even his light saber. Go figure what he's been up to all these years??

But I guess we'll find that one out in Ep. VIII.

I should add I watched the movie in a theatre equipped with all that crazy technology which I cannot remember now. 3D + that crazy rocking chair + something else called D something. Detox, whatever. iT wasn't IMAX though, but it was certainly better or comparable.

It was really …shaky. And completely awesome. I highly recommend to watch it in a well equipped theatre.


After the movie I spend the whole day at the mall, shopped for a lot for things I needed and things I didn't, but other people do, with my poor husband having to cope with his really vain pretty empty and bored vacationing wife's love for shoping malls and the only distraction and going out she could afford for the moment.


After 1 pound of burgers and bacon, cheese and guava ice crean and an espresso, I returned home using UBER, witch is my current public transportation of choice. And here we are again.

Hope I get a good night of sleep, because tomorrow will be a long day.

Since this year was shit and next year ia going to be worse, I wish you beforehand a happy 2014!!



You can NEVER go wrong with Christopher Nolan! This is the best movie of 2014! And definitely one of my favorites of all time!

I can certainly say that if “2001: A Space Odissey” didn’t exist, “Interstellar” would never be. Yes, it drinks that much of Stanley Kubrick’s, and during certain sequences it looks almost like he’s plagiarizing Kubrick, or maybe it’s a homage, I don’t know. The main sequence towards the end kept reminding me of an iteration in Kurt Vonnegut‘s Slaughterhouse 5. Then very near the end, another scene straight from Kubrick. But don’t think that “Interstellar” is an artsy enigma like Kubrick’s “2001…”. Similarities with Kubrick notwithstanding, “Interstellar” is your typical Christopher Nolan trippy movie, à la “Inception”, with a twist in the end and all that jazz, and you are going to love it!

World War Z – TheMovie

First it is important to say I haven’t read the book yet.

I enjoyed the movie however I expected it to be better scripted, with more significant dialogue and less zombie running/shooting. You will say ‘OK, but it’s a zombie movie’, and I say yeah, but still they could have given the actors a few more minutes to earn their enormous wage than simply showing off a bunch of CGI action zombie shooting.

Why Alien Invasion Movies Are Dumb (and yet I still love them)

These movies, regardless of schlockiness, are entertaining to enough of us. We love our heroes and for humanity to come out on top despite our flaws. As the saying goes, they are a guilty pleasure – and count me among the guilty! I’m going to rant, but this post was definitely not written with the idea that these films and stories aren’t at least fun and worthwhile at some level. My tongue is in my cheek at times and I have a hope that it might encourage some writers and film makers to explore the genre in new ways. Wouldn’t that be cool?

So, anyhow, just what is my quasi-beef with them? Why have I claimed they suck in some way?

Read on!

007 Skyfall – plus ordinary life updates

…is one of the best 007 films ever, if not the best (I’m still thrilled by having just watched it 2 hours ago, and my previous favorite was Casino Royale). The opening sequence graphics are stunning, the theme is a classic Bond style masterpiece in Adele’s great voice. Javier Bardem’s character is really outstanding and almost outshines Daniel Craig, as good as Craig is himself! Loved the references and jokes about old Bond movies, the final sequence at the Skyfall mansion is memorable, the finale was a surprise, dark but very, very good!
I cannot wait to see this film again!



In todays trip to the mall we happened to notice they’re selling Windows 8 Pro for just 269 Brazilian Reais (1 Real = 50 US$ cents), so it is, as we say about very cheap things here in Brazil, “Banana Price” close to what former Windows versions were priced (600+ Brazilian Reais at least)! I’m waiting however. Don’t wanna be the first to find out the first bugs! 😉



We’re also following the new season of The Walking Dead and it all looks good so far. Good to see most characters growing some balls and doing some killing instead of just whining around! Lori however is still a growing pain in the ass!


A few weeks ago a tragedy happened in my life. My smartphone suffered sudden death by drowning in the toilet. I was smartphoneless for about 10 days. That was good for me to confess and accept the sad truth: I am a smartphone addict. Using a stupidphone almost drove me nuts. I have an iPad but it’s Wi-Fi only so it wouldn’t always do the tricks. So there I was having an espresso with my husband but I couldn’t check-in on Foursquare or tweet about how awesome the coffee was, of post a tweaked picture of my espresso to Instagram. I could not update my Facebook status and see people liking my espresso and commenting about my irrelevant and mondane drink!! I also couldn’t keep in contact with my friends by instantly sending them endless messages about some personal, stressing but not less mondane issue,  that in the “old times” (or 12 years ago) would have to wait until we met in person or made an expensive cell phone call (mind that talking on cell phones was not and is still not cheap).
So, here it is the saddest part of the addiction: I was so afraid of being smartphoneless again that I actually acquired myself not only one, but two new phones… you know, a spare one in case some bad accident happens again (one can never be too careful!!). It was 10 endless days until the two phones finally arrived, together, in my mailbox. One cannot imagine the joy and relief I felt when I held my 2 new babies (Sony XPERIA S LT26i running on Droid Ice Cream Sandwich and Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro SK17i on Gingerbread)! As embarrassed as I feel for being so ridiculously addicted to my gadgets, I really hope I won’t lose them again any time soon!
As gadget addicted as I am, I’m still “old style” with typing (not to say clumsy) and prefer qwerty keyboards to touchscreen keyboards, hence my latest acquisition is a Bamboo stylus. I’m having a much better relationship with my touchscreens now that I have a stylus!

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Just watched it. Robert Downey Jr. is awesome as he was in the prequel. Film one was much better, just because I find that Holmes fits better “smaller” plots than big conspiracy scenarios… and along with that there’s always some excessively implausible action scenes, of which we got plenty this time. Holmes belongs in stories that add to his personality and show off his character, and that can be achieved through more low-profile (but not less intricate) plots, instead of international conspiracy ones. Holmes is a detective, not a super-hero.  I liked the Madam Simza character, but I missed Irene Adler. She’s got a rare form of TBC and that’s all? No further info, no tear sheded, nothing? Then they replace her by Simza like some ‘good vs bad’ Bondgirls? Overall it was a very good film, but it lacked the charisma of the first one.

Melancholia by Lars von Trier

After seeing “Antichrist” I became scared of ever seeing Lars von Trier‘s films again, because it was so disturbing that it actually affected me emotionally for a few days. Thinking twice, however, I guess it’s impossible that anything be made in a near future that is as depressive and disruptive to the viewer as “Antichrist”. Also, Von Trier’s filmography isn’t exactly known from it’s cheerfulness and comedic scripts, and “Antichrist” was like the pinnacle of emotional overcharge that a movie can have. “Melancholia” couldn’t be any worse in that aspect. So I went to see it. It is very artsy, like all von Trier films. “Melancholia” has such stunning cinematography that even in case it was a silent movie it would have been great – but the music and sound are as awesome as the cinematography. The preamble in slow motion passes a feeling of gravitational force, of heaviness, of something that is both stronger than you and out of your control – so out of your control that you may collapse phenomenally, just like a giant celestial body crashing into another. It’s a relief to see Kiefer Sutherland in a non-action role, and unlike Jack Bauer, this time there’s nothing he can do to save the world – and even if there was I don’t think he would bother, because his character is rather coward. Kirsten Dunst did a very good job and has good onscreen chemistry with Charlotte Gainsbourg. This is the second time von Trier and Gainsbourg work together, and I think it worked out very well. Charlotte’s character in “Melancholia” is very different from her’s in “Antichrist”, but not that much: I still wonder what it would be like to see her laughing out loud, for instance.

I rated “Melancholia”  8.0 on IMDB. Currently it’s rated at 7.9, with almost 6.000 votes.

I’ve seen this film at Guion Center theatres in Porto Alegre, which tends to exhibit alternative/indie/non-mainstrem films.

Other films seen recently:  Super 8,  one of the best films I’ve seen lately, it’s like “The Goonies” meets “E.T”  and it brings back so many good childhood memories; The Tortured, which was surprisingly better than its IMDB rating suggested;  Hanna, which was a waste of good actors on a story that could have been better developed; Green Lantern, which was barely OK;  The Town, which I’d call Snatch by Ben Affleck;  Sucker Punch,  Mongolian Death Worm, (not notheworthy unless you’re into B-films just for the giggles) The Uninvited, which is worth watching  and much better than expected, The Tunnel, another  great ‘Blair Witch’ sytle film, ‘based on true facts’  that is worth watching, Monsters, an average action film that resembles “Cloverfield” from a far.

Shutter Island

Saturday I watched “Shutter Island” with my friends @tilatil and @carlagene.  I went out for the company, not the movie per se, thus had I no clue about the plot whatsoever – no reviews, no synopsis, no nothing. I knew it had the word “island” somewhere in it’s title and Leonardo DiCaprio played the leading character – instant bad dejà vu here, since the only DiCaprio+island movie that I had ever seen was trully bad.

Before the movie, a promotional short-film/advert for the 2014 FIFA World Cup was exhibited (such edition of the World Cup will take place in Brazil). The short movie location: Israel. The characters: Palestinian arabs and Israeli jewish, adults and kids. One of the kids is playing soccer in the alley, when the ball decides to go for a ride, take a detour and land just in the middle of a group of palestinian arabs. After one moment of silence and tension, arab and israeli kid look at each other, realizing that, underneath the habitual attire, both are wearing the yellow brazilian soccer uniform shirt. The kids then smile at eachother, and go play soccer together. A message at the end said “Brazil’s soccer brings people together all over the world.”

Hippieness apart, I really liked that ad. Anyway, back to the movie.

So, there was I, expecting nothing beyond the joyous company of my friends. That was only until the opening credits rolled in – by then I already loved the film. A ferry boat coming out of the mist just to land by the docks. Year 1954. Suspenseful soundtrack. Had it been anything of trully awful that came out of that intro, I’d still keep for “Shutter Island” a tiny room in my heart – because I love films that take place in past decades, specially the 40’s to 60’s;  because I love stories that involve ships and boats and sailing, in spite of being scared to death (yet not less fascinated) of the ocean, this worldwide mass of water that surrounds me and could swallow me far into it’s deepness to never bring me back to surface again. </ramble>

The good surprise is what followed was a fairly elaborate and interesting plot. Leonardo DiCaprio did a great job – and I immediately sympathized with his character’s seasickness. I was impressed by the subtlety and skillfullness of his acting: he slowly, smoothly – almost imperceptively – goes from  ‘dutiful-sane-Marshall-with-dramatic-past’ to  being a ‘stone-cold-psych-ward-crazy-dude’.  I know he’s familiar with playing crazy men, but none of them had made that transition so smoothly. It’s not a repetition of  his role in The Aviator. Mark Ruffalo’s was noteworthy as well. No comments needed on Ben Kingsley.

The film brings up a few topics: the dark side of psychiatry and it’s legitimacy and ethics, being that criminals deemed mentally ill were sentenced to Shutter Island,  guinea pigs to a bunch of old arrogant psychiatrists’ experimentations. Martin Scorsese succeeds in making psychiatrists look bad. Doctors apart, anyone who ever entered a psychiatric hospital knows reality is not too far behind fiction. Actually it happens to be quite loyal to many and many hospices out there.  Trully sad,  filthy and decadent.

I have to confess I figured out what the ‘plot twist’ was 45 mins into the movie, which made my friends very angry, because I made a comment (assuming they’d figured it out too, naturally), so I kind of spoiled it… anyway, I guess I’m not to be taken as the rule here: I have seen way too many films of this kind, enough to guess the plot twist very early in the story. Reckon everyone else’s reaction, I wouldn’t say it’s a predictable plot. Can’t remember any plothole for the momment.

“Shutter Island” is rated 8.1 at IMDB, and, until I finished this post, it was #218 on IMDB’s Top 250 list.

Similar films: Memento, Identity, A Beautiful Mind, The Machinist, Secret Window, The Others, Hide and Seek.

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