Elton John Concert – Porto Alegre, 05/03/13

Bellow are pictures of Elton John Concert’s last night.

Elton John is awesome, polite, lovely, sweet, professional, educated, a classy showman, a gentleman who knows how to treat his audience. I was delighted by his presence and by his live performance. I almost cried when he played “The One” solo, and “Your song”.

His sparkling blue outfit was spectacular and I really wish I could use it for my friend’s wedding because it is just as good as any party gown.

I recorded a huge video of him playing “Your Song” and signing autographs but the video is too huge and needs some shrinkage before uploading.
Also, I’m uploading a ton of photos to Flickr!
arriving at concert


arriving at concert

elton john!

elton john

In Concert

Footnote that has nothing to do with the show: Hugo Chavez finally died and pardon my cruelness but I couldn’t care less because he was a leftist moron who only spoke shit and, as a leader, did as much shit as he spoke; and Chorão, a brazilian musician from a very popular band (whose popularity, if measured in ‘USA band scale of popularity’ would be “Green Day”, that is, he was really popular) was found dead in his apartment today also!

Sir Paul McCartney & Songbird 1.0 RC3

 Paul McCartney está lançando esta o album Electric Argument (sob o pseudônimo The Fireman), e eu não hesito em prontamente adicioná-lo à lista dos melhores albuns de 2008

A primeira faixa, “Nothing too much just out of sight”, é meio “Helter Skelter meets the blues”, e tem um vocal doloroso que entrega uma coisa: Sir Paul de fato está com muita raiva da ex- Heather Mills. Ele até chega a dar um “rugido” no final da música. Que medo. Mas se você não tiver parentesco em nenhum grau com a Heather Mills, pode ouvir que não dói.

As demais faixas vão desde baladas radio-friendly, como “Sing the Changes”, à divagações melódicas e eletrônicas como “Universal Here, Everlasting now” e “Lovers in a Dream”.

Não deixem 2008 sem ouvir este album.

Link : The Fireman Music


Songbird 1.0 Release Candidate 3 is out there and it’s almost bug-free (at least major bugs). It still has a long way to go, but once more: you HAVE to check it out, it’s The next best player to be.

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