As a die hard Radiohead fan I can’t hold my pride and joy over the band’s new album, “A Moon Shaped Pool”.

It is an ethereal, beautiful and political piece of work. Accompanied by the usual awesome artwork.

The work song “Burn The Witch” got a stunning stop motion video that reminds you of the Paranoid Android video, sort of. As always, everything Radiohead is full of meaning and beauty is everywhere.

I can only be grateful for these 5 people who have been making my life better since 24 years ago.

You can purchase the album in several different kinds of media here:


Spotify finally entered the 60’s

For the good of the planet Earth Santa Claus FINALLY gave Spotify the rights to execute Beatles songs, a prohibition that always seemed at least obnoxious, and now the world is finally a much better place.

Breaking Music News

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has just released a new album/EP online, namely Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, being that you have the option to pay 6 bucks for it or legally download it for free at:

All legal material, no copyright infringement. Go ahead

The Bitch is Back!

With.. Your Song 🙂
As I promised, here is the video of Elton John saying goodbye and playing Your Song in the Porto Alegre , Brazil, Concert.


Elton John Concert – Porto Alegre, 05/03/13

Bellow are pictures of Elton John Concert’s last night.

Elton John is awesome, polite, lovely, sweet, professional, educated, a classy showman, a gentleman who knows how to treat his audience. I was delighted by his presence and by his live performance. I almost cried when he played “The One” solo, and “Your song”.

His sparkling blue outfit was spectacular and I really wish I could use it for my friend’s wedding because it is just as good as any party gown.

I recorded a huge video of him playing “Your Song” and signing autographs but the video is too huge and needs some shrinkage before uploading.
Also, I’m uploading a ton of photos to Flickr!
arriving at concert


arriving at concert

elton john!

elton john

In Concert

Footnote that has nothing to do with the show: Hugo Chavez finally died and pardon my cruelness but I couldn’t care less because he was a leftist moron who only spoke shit and, as a leader, did as much shit as he spoke; and Chorão, a brazilian musician from a very popular band (whose popularity, if measured in ‘USA band scale of popularity’ would be “Green Day”, that is, he was really popular) was found dead in his apartment today also!


4. Nowhere Fast – that’s from Streets of Fire original soundtrack (that one may seem easy, but try doing that with current traffic jams and without getting a speed ticket!)

5. Hidden Place – Bjork (ooh yes, that one is easy, just needs to be in the very right moment!)

6. Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd (advantage: it’s a state, plenty of counties at your choice!)

7. Graceland – Paul Simon (…hey if even poorboys and pilgrims with families are going to Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee…)

List of Places to be Visited and Things to Be Done Before you Die, Based on Music

Blogworthy? Not sure. However…

1. Take the “A” Train (Duke Ellington)
2. Float down the Liffey (nevermind I can’t swim. I already floated down the dead sea, but that would require Radiohead to re-write the song) (Radiohead)
3. Get to Oceanside (and lay your muscles wide…) (The Decemberists)
… (neverending list!)

Grand Funk Railroad’s Mark Farner Concert

On March 11th my husband and I went to see Mark Farner’s (from Grand Funk Railroad)  concert at Bar Opinião venue, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. I’s always great to see great musicians in small venues. You get to see and listen to everything so much better. General enjoyment level rises 200%. Mark masters his guitar and sings with the same energy as the old times: age has not deteriorated his voice and talent. It was an awesome concert.

Now I’m on the hunt for a Bob Dylan ticket. If I get that, there’s only Paul Simon left on my bucket list.

This is a video recorded from Mark’s concert:



Mark Farner

Grand Funk Railroad’s Mark Farner in POA, Brazil

Amy Winehouse is dead

I don’t think anyone is shocked by this news. In July 31 2008 I made a blog post in (in portuguese) titled “Place your bets” because since then it was obvious to me that she wouldn’t last long. She actually lasted longer than I thought.

Amy Winehouse was a talented performer and composer with a unique voice that was without a doubt the greatest female singer voice to surge in pop music in many decades. Her vocal ability and peculiarity are comparable to that of great late Nina Simone. Sadly, Amy succumbed to drugs and alcohol faster and deeper than any other singer/songwriter in the past (or recent) history. Amy had her last attempt to release a new album declined by the record label, who claimed the songs were not up to her two previous albums. Imagine the impact of that in the mind of someone who is already deeply troubled. Her last musical novelty was a re-recording of “It’s my party” by Lesley Gore, a lesbian teen singer from the 60’s, which has been broadcasting in Brazilian radio stations.

Also, unlike many probably think, Amy wasn’t proud of being a drunk, drug addict mess, as she earlier expressed in an interview about which I blogged here, also in portuguese.

Amy Winehouse’s death is as much a loss to pop music as Jeff Buckley’s was to rock. Only Amy screwed up long before she died.

Rest In Peace, Amy.

Google Music Beta makes me think…

So Google now offers a new service called “Music” (Beta). Not surpisingly it’s available only for those within the USA. Which againgot me thinking about the whole copyright jurisdiction issue.

I’m no specialist, but I don’t think one has to be an expert to understand. The internet ended with the concept of ‘local’ musicians. Anyone (that includes record companies and lawyers) who releases any music (or ANYTHING) today should keep in mind that they are releasing something to the WORLD, and not the folks who frequent the local pub. So say one person from Lalaland happened to stumble upon a link to a song by an unknown band from California. Or say this one person has a friend who recommended such band.  And the person wishes to listen to the band, but the streaming media AND the download of the song, even if it’s PAYED for, is territorially restricted to USA people.  What do you think the Lalalandian in question would do?

(1) Move to the USA in order to listen to/buy the song.

(2)Get a visa and travel to the US in order to listen to/buy the song.

(3) Use an anonymous encrypted proxy

(4)Download a pirate, illegal version of the song through filesharing.





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