The Public Market has caught on fire.


Ontem, começando às 20h e 30min, o Mercado Público de Porto Alegre pegou fogo pela quarta vez.

Este já é o quarto grande incêndio no RS neste ano, num período de 6 meses. Primeiro a boate Kiss, depois o Cabaret Voltaire, depois o pavilhão da FENAC em NH, e agora o Mercado Público. Nós precisamos aprender. Não é só cobrar das autoridades. Isso também, mas tem coisas que tem que partir de nós. Temos que fazer um PPCI na reunião do condomínio. Temos que convocar um bombeiro para vir a nossa reunioão e explicar como se agir em caso de incêncio. Temos que fazer simulações de evacuação em caso de incêndio, como fizeram no Santa Monica outro dia. Precisamos nos informar mais tanto para nos cobrarmos quanto para cobrar das autoridades. Quantos hidrantes tem na rua de vocês? Eu não sei quantos tem na minha. Na frente da minha porta tem uma daquelas caixas gigantes com uma mangueira gigante anti-incêndio. Quem vai operar aquilo ali? Como operar um extintor de incêndio? Ah, é fácil, as instruções estao escritas no extintor. Mas o extintor é pesado, tem fumaça, eu sou gorda e fracota e tenho miopia e não consigo nem pensar direito porque estou nervosa, tenho que salvar meus gatos e meu cachorro e vou deixar o extintor cair no meu pé… Nos Estados Unidos (tá, desculpa eu novamente, sempre, comparar tudo com os EUA mas…) até as criancinhas do jardim de infância são treinadas para situações de emergência como incêndios. Temos que seguir esse ‘padrão ouro’. Já é a quarta vez em apenas 6 meses. Está na hora de aprendermos.

Link para album com fotos do incêndio.

Quick Note – Paul McCartney to Play in Brazil

I’m aware this is not really blog material (at least yet), but I cannot contain my silly fan excitement: Sir Paul McCartney is finally coming to play in Brazil again, this time with the “Up and Coming”  2010 tour. He will be playing in November 21st and 22nd in São Paulo, at Morumbi stadium; and on November the 7th in Porto Alegre (which happens to be where I live, hence my overexcitement!), at Beira-Rio stadium. The tickets for the Porto Alegre show will be for sale starting next week. No word on the ticket price yet, but honestly that’s the most unimportant detail.  I am more worried about the exact date and place of ticket sales.

Follows a link to Rolling Stone magazine relating the great news:

Paul McCartney Show in Brazil is Finally Confirmed.

I promise I will (try) to come up with a decent show review not permeated by silly fandomness!

The “House of Horrors” is taunting us again.

Last year the Brazilian House of Senate went through a careful financial inspection, which concluded there was an excessive expenditure with third party sanitation contractors – suggesting demissions should be made. That was the first of a torrent of denounces about the Senate’s excessive expenses with unnecessary employees, crass irregularities in the biddings, undue extra-pays for overtime that never happened, ghost employees*, deliberate misuse of public money and nepotism. It culminated with the #ForaSarney campaign on Twitter*, headed by a brazilian media-man and TV anchor (@marcelotas). The scandal had such broad proportions that the Brazilian Senate got the prowess of being called “The House of Horrors” in an article published by The Economist last year. (link to original text)

Well… now, after the dust settled, everything seems to be going back to what it was. The Senate is signing up for 1.600 sanitation jobs with salaries from $1.200,00 to $6.000,00 Brazilian Reais (a lot for the Brazilian pattern) – with *facepalm* the same contractor that triggered last year’s scandal!  The contractor happens to be a firm that doesn’t pay their employees when it’s due, and for that reason it has been already fined by the Senate itself in 4 million Brazilian Reais — fine which the firm hasn’t payed yet, I must add. All that will cost the brazilian tax-payers 72 million Brazilian Reais a year. I understand the Senate is very filthy place, but 72 mi is a lot even for the dirtiest politician.

Also, the Senate is renewing the contract with “Plansul Planejamento e Consultoria”, a firm in the communication and media sector, for 327 jobs that will cost 17 million Brazilian Reais to tax-payers. Those are jobs like ‘spokesperson’, ‘substitute-spokesperson’, ‘spokesperson-assessor’, ‘spokesperson secretary’, ‘spokesperson manicurist‘ and so on.

I feel embarrassed as a Brazilian citizen for the shamelessness of my corrupt politicians.

*Ghost Employee is a corruption phenomena in Brazilian politics: it’s a bogus public employee that only exists in the payroll, while someone else deliberately and illegaly (a politician or another public employee) receives his salary.

*The #ForaSarney campaign on Twitter was a movement that aimed to bring down the president of the Senate and former-President of Brazil, José Sarney. It wasn’t restricted to Twitter, people also protested in the streets. By now I think you could have guessed it didn’t work.

Minor Update “Projeto Ficha Limpa”

President Lula has finally sanctioned “Projeto Ficha Limpa”, it’s been published in the Brazilian Official Daily paper today: that means it’s now a law, citizens condemned by the Justice are not allowed candidacy for anything public/political.

For further info about “Projeto Ficha Limpa (Project Clean Record)” check my previous posts:

Update on H1N1 vaccination in Brazil

The Brazilian National Vaccination Campaign against Influenza H1N1 has ended officially on June the 2nd.

On June the 3rd the government published an official note saying the vaccination campaign has been prorogued indefinitely, until the number of people immunized reaches the initial target (that is, 80% of the population at higher risk of disease).

In Brazil, vaccination against Influenza H1N1 is administered for free by the government to all the population at high risk of disease. We have enough vaccines, so in case you haven’t had yours yet, please go to the public health care facility next to you as soon as possible, and get your H1N1 shot.

There are many people declining the vaccine claiming they don’t have enough time/have to work/etc.

 My advice: don’t be silly!! In case  people had to pay for the vaccine, or if there wasn’t enough of it, I’m sure eveyone would complain and would blame the government for being ill. But now the vaccine is for free, and there’s enough for everyone: means that, if you get ill, and by any chance Brazil’s morbidity and mortality for H1N1 this year gets higher, the only one to blame is yourself! Now go get your shot! I already got mine!

Previously, on planet earth…

  • Brasilia, Brazil’s capital, turned 50 years old.
  • Mudslide tragedy going on in Rio de Janeiro killed more than 200 people.
  • The entire Polish presidencial staff died in a plane crash (President included).
  • Obama and Medvedev signed a disarmament treaty to reduce their nuclear arsenal in 1/3.
  • José Serra officialy became a presidential candidate.
  • A Brazilian pedophile-turned-serial-killer confessed the murder of 6 kids 13-19 y/o who went missing in Luziania, a small town in the state of Goias, in the central plateou, near Brasilia. After being arrested, he allegedlly killed himself while in jail. An investigation is will now determine if the killer, ironically named Jesus, commited suicide, or whether someone “suicided” him.
  • José Roberto Arruda has been released from jail. He remains holding the record of “Brazilian Politician who Spent Most Time in Jail”: 2 long months. What will be of him now?
  • Another earthquake, this time in China, killed more than 2.000 people.
  • An Icelandic volcano woke up after 200 years dormant, flooded surrounding area, ashes spreaded all over Europe closing all airports, causing worldwide commercial aviation to chaos.
  • A bidding took place to determine who will build the Belo Monte dam, a power plant in the Xingú area of the brazilian amazon. The event happened under vehement protest of NGO’s and indigenous people, who claim environmental damage and disrespect to the indigeous rights.

The Nardoni Trial, and Science & Health Reminders

  • It’s been now three full days since the beggining of the trial of Alexandre Nardoni & wife Ana Jatobá, both charged with murder 2 years ago, being the victim Isabella Nardoni, 5 years old, child of Alexandre’s first marriage with . Since the very beggining the case caused commotion nationwide due to it’s ever growing media coverage as forensic evidence quickly & strongly pointed towards Isabella’s father & stepmother as the authors of the crime. Since then the couple has been held captive in the prison of Tremembé, in the State of São Paulo, known for being ‘home sweet home’ to the most notorious Brazilian criminals.

    Global Voices has a post about on the media circus built around the Isabella Nardoni Case.

  • Today, March the 24th,  is World TB Day. For the curious and uninformed,  “TB” stands for Tuberculosis.  This day in 1882 Dr. Robert Koch brought to public his discovery of the tuberculosis bacillus, a.k.a. Koch bacillus. Hence the date is used as means to increase people’s awareness of such prevalent burdensome illness.
  • Reminder: Phase 2 of the Brazilian National H1N1 Vaccination Campaign goes until April 2nd . Go to the health care facility next to you and take your shot: if you are pregnant, in any gestational age; children from 06 months to 2 years old – and don’t forget to bring the child’s vaccination card with you; if you are under 60 and has any of the listed chronic diseases. Important: ALL PREGNANT WOMEN MUST GET THE VACCINE. In case you get pregnant after the vaccination period ends, you will get the vaccine too. Just look for the health care facility next to you, as soon as possible. For further questions you can check the following site, in portuguese:

News Bullets on the Weeks most important facts

  • Soon-not-governor of GDF José Roberto Arruda remains behind the bars.
  • Increase in Brazilian taxation over American imports is now supported by the Wold Trade Organazation.
  • President Lula’s still (fairly) getting lots of criticism for his words on the Cuban political prisoners, and he has been having to apologize and retreat, as he always does when he says the usual bs that he always says. And then everyone goes back to liking him and putting him on a pedestal as they always do, as if nothing ever happened. And as the world turns, we’re still stuck in the same old s***
  • President Lula is visiting Middle East in order to put his finger on the palestinian cake and pretend that we’re a too important nation and that He’s doing something for them.
  • Glauco, a crazy but famous brazilian cartunist, has been murdered. He was the leader of a crazy hippie mistique cult (“Sant Daime”) that, amongst other non-sense, preached against psychotropic drugs (yet they have no problems with pot). He was murdered by a schizo guy who was hallucinating (claiming he was Jesus) cause he wasn’t taking his meds cause the cult forbid it.

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