4. Nowhere Fast – that’s from Streets of Fire original soundtrack (that one may seem easy, but try doing that with current traffic jams and without getting a speed ticket!)

5. Hidden Place – Bjork (ooh yes, that one is easy, just needs to be in the very right moment!)

6. Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd (advantage: it’s a state, plenty of counties at your choice!)

7. Graceland – Paul Simon (…hey if even poorboys and pilgrims with families are going to Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee…)

List of Places to be Visited and Things to Be Done Before you Die, Based on Music

Blogworthy? Not sure. However…

1. Take the “A” Train (Duke Ellington)
2. Float down the Liffey (nevermind I can’t swim. I already floated down the dead sea, but that would require Radiohead to re-write the song) (Radiohead)
3. Get to Oceanside (and lay your muscles wide…) (The Decemberists)
… (neverending list!)


I’ve been sort of absent lately, but there’s nothing going on other than going from home to work and then back home after the day is already over. Nothing worth talking about.

After a long absence, back during carnival holidays.

It’s been a long time since my last post. I’m now married, moved to a new place, have a dog beyond the two cats, and I’m slowly cooking in “Forno” Alegre with temperature around 40 Celcius. I’m completely broke fromt he whole moving and stuff, I’m bored, and so it goes. I’m still reading the same book from last post since it’s so slow and its mentions about god all the time really get on my nerve, but I’m determined to finish it. We are currently without AC because the guys who install it are taking 4 days off because of carnaval, as everyone else Brazil. I dare anyone to find a person who hates carnival as much as me. Oh well, maybe this vlogger:

(thanks to my friend Mico)

December has come…

…2012 is near. It’s that cliche cheesy time of the year when people re-think their lives and make new promises as if their lives were about to start all over again and the past never hapened. Ten years ago I thought my life would be very different than it is right now. I don’t know how exactly, better, worse, just different. I just do.

Anyway… to the news: Cary is moving in the next few days and I couldn’t be more anxious – in a good/bittersweet sort of way – and happy (and feels the same, I’m sure). I always considered myself a convicted bachelorette by choice, independent, a lone wolf, whatever you prefer to call it. I decided had decided that my life would be going to work and loving my work, then going back home and amusing myself as I wished. Then I found the love of this this wonderful man. Or he found me, or we found each other, I don’t know exactly how it all started. But it started with Twitter. And from that we moved to getting married in the next couple months. I love you, Cary. Thank you for everything. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. I love your family as if they were mine and I wish I could spend more time together with all of them.

“Family” news: I have adopted two new kittens, Mister Mistofelis and Nikita. You can seee their lovely faces on my Flickr account. Also, Cary is bringing Ysabel the dog, so we’ll be a big family and we’ll be moving to a new appartment soon.

More news: soy un perdedor, I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me? I failed the residency exam I appplied to. Very very upset about that. I had all the year of 2012 planned out carefully based on this residency. Now I’m kind of lost and back to general-practice-who-doesn’t-know-exactly-what-else-to-do state of career. And the time to decide what to do is tight. Well, for the sake of whatever, I’m still a general and private practice medical doctor. And so it goes…

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