The Bitch is Back!

With.. Your Song 🙂
As I promised, here is the video of Elton John saying goodbye and playing Your Song in the Porto Alegre , Brazil, Concert.


Happy Anniversary, Porto Alegre

Happy Anniversary, Porto Alegre!

Today the city where I live, which also lives in me, turns 238 years old.

“Porto Alegre é Demais” is a song written in honor of the town. There are quite a few songs written as a tribute to Porto Alegre, and I don’t know of many other cities that get so much love from its inhabitants (other very sung cities are Rio de Janiero, São Paulo & New York).

  • Soundtrack:
  1. Porto Alegre é Demais
  2. Deu Pra Ti
  3. Horizontes

  • Images:

MARGSMARGS – Museum of Arts of Rio Grande do Sul


Memorial do Estado do RSMemorial of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (tower w/ clock)


Mercado PúblicoPorto Alegre Public Market


  • Videos:

I found this pearl at Travel Film Archive, portraying the south of Brazil in 1942.
Porto Alegre appears on the 16th minute.

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