Happy Thanksgiving

Last weekend we held a small thanksgiving feast – prepared by my lovely hubby Cary – and even though we don’t celebarte thanksgiving in Brazil, we even had Black Friday. We had turkey, blueberry pie, special gravy, mashed potatoes and yummy stuffing!!

We found out that there’s peanut butter in the public market here, which is just a couple blocks down our place, so my husband is very happy as you can imagine

My sweetie feline Mistofelis had a bad diarrhea but I’m so glad he’s competely recovered!!

I’m watching American Horror Story: Asylum. I must confess I hate psych ward – but I’m LOVING AHS Asylum. Psychiatric hospital were and still are a place  for the nightmares. Hardly any other theme has more potential for horror and suspense. I’m liking AHS better than the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is lost within its slow story and uninteresting characters – issues that could have been solved in a three lines dialogue are lasting for the entire season. Killing Lori was a mistake, Michonne is annoying and poorly written, Merle is a pain in the ass. None of the character’s behavior has any logic or makes any sense. They really should review certain things in case there s next season.

My reading is uber slow and I’m so behind my new year resolution of reading 10 books in 2010. Aprox. 12hrs of work per day and I get home and pass out in bed. There’s french class I’d like to dedicate to a little more. I’d like to excersice, do something else. I read medical periodics but that does not count as reading. I’m pretty tired to be honest.

I’m starting a journal…

…huh? So fucking what? Is that blogging matter? Isn’t blogging itself keeping a journal btw? Don’t you blog already?
Yeah but….
Well, when I read I like to underline, take footnotes and add post-its to the books, and that’s something that e-readers, the best of them, still don’t allow one to do with perfection, and will never do. Those which do, do it in such a limited, poor way. And you know what the good news is? A good Moleskine fits exactly the front pocket of an e-reader cover. 🙂

Green Moleskine into Nook Pocket

Green Moleskine into Nook Pocket

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