Another corruption scandal in Brazil

Watch the video where 3 brazilian congressmen say a prayer after sharing bribes. Their faith in corruption is unquestionable!

This is only one of a series of 50 videos that show brazilian congressmen receiving packs of bribe money. Even for a brazilian citizen already used to corruption, this is a little bit too much mind boggling.

In the video you see Congressmen Rubens Cesar Brunelli (PSC) and Leonardo Prudente (DEM) getting their bribes from Secretary Durval Barbosa of the Federal District in Brasilia, Brasil’s Capital.

After sharing the money they say a prayer. In Brazil media is calling this “A Oração da Propina” – the Prayer of the Bribes or the Prayer of Corruption.

President Lula, in a convenient complete denial, said that “The images are not self-explanatory.”

– Dear President Lula: besides blind, are you deaf too?? You think What they SAY on the video isn’t self-explanatory too? I made a rough translation of the prayer:

The Prayer of the Bribes or The prayer of Corruption (author: corrupt brazilian politicians above)

“Father, we are thankful for being here. We know we are flawed, we are imperfect, but we want to express gratitude to the Saints that purify us. We are thankful for our friend Durval, who has been a tool of bliss to our lives and to this town, we ask you, Lord, to look after the matters of his heart. Holy are the crusades, oh Lord, of malignant men against his life, against our lives. We need Your protection, Your grace, Your wisdom. We need the people (oh, Lord) who bear the arms that can help us on this war. And, above all, You. All the weapons may fail, all the plans may fail, all our activities, but You never fail. You have the people who prepare and guide our hearts to wherever You wish. The veredict is up to You, purport and execution are carried out by You. We need release in the life of Durval, his children and his family. We need a diferent town, You have a diferent town for us. You have a new temple for us, oh Lord. I believe, oh Lord, in Your word. You are the truth, You are our Supreme Court. You are the one to open me the doors. My Lord, shall their word cause them embarrassment, into nothingness shall turn those who rise against us. You once took a king – king Nebuchadnezzar – and made him feed on pasture to understand that You prevail. My God, we are being the target of petards. My God, take care of this matter. Wipe these men out of our path.”

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