The “House of Horrors” is taunting us again.

Last year the Brazilian House of Senate went through a careful financial inspection, which concluded there was an excessive expenditure with third party sanitation contractors – suggesting demissions should be made. That was the first of a torrent of denounces about the Senate’s excessive expenses with unnecessary employees, crass irregularities in the biddings, undue extra-pays for overtime that never happened, ghost employees*, deliberate misuse of public money and nepotism. It culminated with the #ForaSarney campaign on Twitter*, headed by a brazilian media-man and TV anchor (@marcelotas). The scandal had such broad proportions that the Brazilian Senate got the prowess of being called “The House of Horrors” in an article published by The Economist last year. (link to original text)

Well… now, after the dust settled, everything seems to be going back to what it was. The Senate is signing up for 1.600 sanitation jobs with salaries from $1.200,00 to $6.000,00 Brazilian Reais (a lot for the Brazilian pattern) – with *facepalm* the same contractor that triggered last year’s scandal!  The contractor happens to be a firm that doesn’t pay their employees when it’s due, and for that reason it has been already fined by the Senate itself in 4 million Brazilian Reais — fine which the firm hasn’t payed yet, I must add. All that will cost the brazilian tax-payers 72 million Brazilian Reais a year. I understand the Senate is very filthy place, but 72 mi is a lot even for the dirtiest politician.

Also, the Senate is renewing the contract with “Plansul Planejamento e Consultoria”, a firm in the communication and media sector, for 327 jobs that will cost 17 million Brazilian Reais to tax-payers. Those are jobs like ‘spokesperson’, ‘substitute-spokesperson’, ‘spokesperson-assessor’, ‘spokesperson secretary’, ‘spokesperson manicurist‘ and so on.

I feel embarrassed as a Brazilian citizen for the shamelessness of my corrupt politicians.

*Ghost Employee is a corruption phenomena in Brazilian politics: it’s a bogus public employee that only exists in the payroll, while someone else deliberately and illegaly (a politician or another public employee) receives his salary.

*The #ForaSarney campaign on Twitter was a movement that aimed to bring down the president of the Senate and former-President of Brazil, José Sarney. It wasn’t restricted to Twitter, people also protested in the streets. By now I think you could have guessed it didn’t work.

Update: “Projeto Ficha Limpa”

The law which I mentioned in my April 14th post, Projeto Ficha Limpa – Preject Clean Record, has been approved by the Brazilian congress last Tuesday, May the 4th, in a historical session when nearly the entire House voted “yes”. Now there are 12 amendments to the law that have yet to be voted: the voting started on Thursday, May the 6th, and two amendments that essencially distorted the original text got a vehement no from the congress. The small number of representatives trying to distort the law didn’t make it, but at least managed to postpone the voting of the 10 missing amendments to next Tuesday, May the 11th.

You can follow the voting of Project Clean Record via live TV and web broadcast through TV Camara’s official channel.
Link to the live webcast.

Most representatives have a twitter account, twitting and replying to the people during the sessions. I have put together a list of brazilian politicians that has come very handy for that purpose: @plasticmadness/brazilianpoliticians

Projeto Ficha Limpa

 Brazilian Congress has conveniently postponed the voting and implementation of  “Projeto Ficha Limpa” – or, in english, “Project Clean Record”. It’s a new law that bans politicians with a criminal record from a new candidacy. The governist base and allies are the only ones to blame for the *shameless* filibuster (PT & PMDB). Meanwhile, PSDB, PPS, PV, PSOL e PHS are working pro-bill. The law is largely supported by brazilian people. Nearly 2 million people had already undersigned it before it got to congress.  There is an ongoing effort from the governist base to change the text in order to create a legal loophole that would allow politicians with a dirty record to participate in the elections.

Follow “Projeto Ficha Limpa” on Twitter: @FICHALIMPA

-Here are a few Brazilian Twitter politicians worth following: @alvarodias_  @silva_marina  @deputadamanuela  @lucianagenro  @Serys  @BetoAlbuquerque  @deputadofederal  @gabeiracombr  @mercadante

“Activism” Twitter List

“Activism” Twitter List, by Olivia Lovag, on Listorious

Please check my list for twitter updates on human rights, NGO’s, animal rights, women’s rights, LGBT, climate change, ecology and green activism, aid/relief work, conflict areas (palestine, for instance), education, human traffic, sex traffic, slavery, pedophilia, child abuse, sanitization, food safety, poverty, female genital mutilation, neglected tropical diseases, africa, racism, abortion discussion, feminism, minorities.

The listed twitters are (mostly) non-profit and not affiliated to any religion. As a rule, I try to keep out entities that use twitter as a tool to collect donations. The reason behind that: I created the list with the purpose of debate and information (translating: this is NOT a charity list. Naturally, I have nothing against charity! 😉 I actually vehemently encourage people to donate whenever they can. There are some great twitter charity lists running on twitter, too.)

I try to keep the list non-partisan, but I must be honest here and confess that’s a very, very hard task, so, yes, you will find a few partisan twitters on the list.

You can suggest a user to my list via the Listorious form by clicking the link on top of the post. Make sure the user you are suggesting fits the criteria I mentioned above.You can follow the list directly by  clicking here @plasticmadness/activism

I think  It’s all coming out great, so please make sure you check it out and follow it if it pleases you! 🙂

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Activism Twitter List by Olivia Lovag on Listorious

Please check my list for updates on human rights, NGO’s, animal rights, women’s rights, LGBT, climate change, ecology and green activism, aid work and conflicts, education, human traffic, sex traffic, slavery, pedophilia, child abuse and non-profit organisations.
All are non-profit and mostly non-religious entities. I try to leave out entities that use twitter to ask for donations because I want the list to be mostly informative (that is, this is not a “charity” list). I tried to keep the list non-partisan, but that’s a hard task, so, yes, there are quite a few (very) partisan twitters on the list.
But It’s coming out great, please make sure you check it and follow! 🙂

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