My new toy!!!

I recently heard of Kangoo Jumps from a coworker during coffee break. Kangoo Jumpas are a pair of boots made of a rigid plastic outer shell and a soft cushioned inner part, but the most outstanding characteristic is the sole, which is basically a spring, composed on two arched plastic pieces united by a rubber spring in the middle. It sort puts a cast on your ankle, like ski boots, only it does not freeze your legs in a forward angle like ski boots. Good side: you'll hardly if ever hurt your ankles with kangoo jumps. The whole boot can be disassembled, so if a part breaks or wears of, you just buy a new piece to repace them, and it's cheap.

It s the best way to run and dance for me, because it removes up to 80% of the impact on your joints, if compared to tennis shoes or other sports shoes. I haven't read this anywhere, but it also improves my aerobic capacity since I feel I can breathe easier for much longer keeping an optimum heart rate. Plus: it works your legs muscles just fine 🙂 and burns a lot more calories than just running or jogging or dancing.

But the most important feature of all: IT IS SO FUN!!!!!!




News Bullets on the Weeks most important facts

  • Soon-not-governor of GDF José Roberto Arruda remains behind the bars.
  • Increase in Brazilian taxation over American imports is now supported by the Wold Trade Organazation.
  • President Lula’s still (fairly) getting lots of criticism for his words on the Cuban political prisoners, and he has been having to apologize and retreat, as he always does when he says the usual bs that he always says. And then everyone goes back to liking him and putting him on a pedestal as they always do, as if nothing ever happened. And as the world turns, we’re still stuck in the same old s***
  • President Lula is visiting Middle East in order to put his finger on the palestinian cake and pretend that we’re a too important nation and that He’s doing something for them.
  • Glauco, a crazy but famous brazilian cartunist, has been murdered. He was the leader of a crazy hippie mistique cult (“Sant Daime”) that, amongst other non-sense, preached against psychotropic drugs (yet they have no problems with pot). He was murdered by a schizo guy who was hallucinating (claiming he was Jesus) cause he wasn’t taking his meds cause the cult forbid it.

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