Back home again…

Just arrived from a trip to Israel w/a pit stop in Zürich.

Out of all memories the traveler brings along when returning from a trip, my dearest is an unlikely one:  the feeling of being safe and free.

Having been assaulted many times and witness to countless acts of violence, it’s no secret I’m greatly distressed over the problem of violence in Brazil. Yet, even I myself wouldn’t suspect I was stressed to such a high degree.  Returning from Israel and Switzerland, my fondest memories are those of being able to open the door of your house without prior surveiling for random thugs in the surroundings. You can actually walk side by side with people without thinking they are too close and would pull a gun or knife on you. You don’t have to hold your handbag in intricate ways that would make sailor’s knots look amateur. You can actually go out alone in the streets at night. You don’t have to watch out for the shadows behind you, you don’t have to change your path or take an unlikely shortcut or enter some food place or whatever is in front of you just because there is a likely bandit following you. You don’t have to stand fucking crack-heads. You can actually use your watch and your jewelry. You can use your laptop and cell phone out in the streets. You don’t need to have your place protected by electrified fences, personal security guard, 5 locks in the main door. You don’t feel caged in your own private apartment prison when all the bad guys are out there free, laughing at you, just waiting for you to go out so they can party on you all night.

Of course I’m not naive to think these things only happen here and not anywhere else. But in here it happens to an extent and degree 6,02×10²³ higher than in any other place daring to call itself  “civilized”.

I nearly cried when I stepped foot back in Sao Paulo and caught myself doing the habitual survelliance again… 🙁
Being very serious, I advise anyone to consider all this before remotely considering a visit to Brazil.

I really love my country, but feeling safe is priceless.

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