Catching up with the “Lost” finale

 I have (finally) seen the much hyped “Lost” finale.

Before I started, my sister warned me over and over: “I think you’re going to hate it.” Oh, well…

Being direct and short: watching the “Lost” finale was like watching the finale of any Brazilian primetime Soap Opera – lots of cheesy “I love you” moments that made me cringe, and a final scene with all the main characters gathered happily in a very uber mega happy reunion – that is very soap-operesque!

I can live with the fact that they appealed to the religious side, but I guess they did it in the wrong manner. The ‘raw’ finale,  per se, was decent – but that “happily ever after(life)” scene in the church at the very end really screwed it all up.

It would have been enough a good ending letting Jack to die, Hugo to be the new Jacob and Ben the new Richard, while the lucky bunch escapes the Island on a plane fixed with duct tape. They could as well have had someone to be the new Black Smoke, suggesting a neverending cycle — all that would still have given our beloved characters a fair end;  it would have kept the suspense atmosphere that permeated thoughout the entire series; and most importantly: it would have been up to Lost‘s main character: the Island!

The Island has always been the series main character, and the “We’re all on a church in Heaven” scene was like running a bulldozer over the Island. That final scene was so misplaced and awry, it belongs to any other TV series but “Lost”. It made all the side-flashes of the last season cheap, worthless.

After all these years of expectations towards the end… it was, not completely, but very disappointing indeed…

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