Book Review – Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins

(WARNING: contains major spoilers!)

Also, I published this same review on Goodreads. I Rated it 2 stars (It was OK)

He does a good job in connecting the different storylines. Alobar and Kudra are very catchy, charismatic characters, and along with Pan they form a lovely trio and keep the book going.

Apart from that there is little I liked. The characters that lead the other storylines are either uninteresting or detestable to the point of making me want to stop reading. Again, except for Kudra, Alobar and Pan, the rest of the characters have such poor chemistry that I don’t think they should ever stand together in the same room.

Wiggs Dannyboy’s endless pseudo-philosophical monologue about mystical-religious topics, embelished with random scientific data in order to make it look like a serious discussion is really painful to go through and unnecessary. His practical role was to connect Alobar’s with the other three stories in the book. That could have been done without all the gibberish. He’s my less favorite character.
I had a big problem with the character V’lu Jackson and the whole “write like you talk” thing – alternately with Pan’s archaic English: it renders the text unreadable at times and adds nothing to the story or characters. That, in addition to all the godawful metaphors, left the impression that the writer only did it to show off, you know, how smart he supposedly is.

Also, he spends the book sort of loathing christianism, giving room to multiple kinds of spiritualism, but in the end we learn that Kudra visited an astral plan which is pretty much the christian cliche of heaven and hell. How lame. And just when Alobar and Kudra meet again and suddenly there’s the chance for more interesting discussions, the book ends.

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